Francis Bean

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

The story of Frances Bean:
the kitten with big eyes and black fur all over.

Francis Bean spent her first six months living outdoors with her brothers and sisters, foraging for food, and trying to survive the harsh and oftentimes cruel environment of feral living. There was a nice lady who lived in a house nearby where Francis Bean and her siblings roamed. This lady, who has a housecat of her own, used to leave food out for the kittens. One day however, the lady noticed Francis Bean looking very weak and had fallen sick, so she took her to the vet. Francis Bean stayed at the vet for a full week, getting treatment for a mouth infection, and regaining her strength (meanwhile accumulating a pretty big vet bill.)
But it was all worth it because out of this potential disaster emerged an adorable kitten, shy and frightened, but slowly learning what it feels like to be a cat on the other side of the front door.

Because the nice lady who took Bean to the vet and paid her bills has a cat of her own who doesn't do so well with other animals, I decided to foster Francis Bean for as long as I could. The plan was to keep her warm, safe, and recovering while trying to socialize her with my dog and cat so she would be ready for adoption. Afterall, everybody wants a kitten they can play with, right?!

I have had her for almost three weeks now and in two weeks time I will be finishing my contract and leaving my apartment. Ideally, we are looking for someone who will be in Korea for more than a couple of months and has a bigger than average heart who can foster Francis Bean, or better yet, adopt her. What she needs most right now is time and patience.

I was very skeptical about her situation a week ago, but she really has come along, even though it seems like baby steps. During her first three days, she hid away and never came out, even resisting food, she was so scared. But then, slowly, she started showing her presence in my apartment even if I wasn't there to witness it first hand. She uses the litter box and eats her food. She never meows. She hasn't caused any damage to any furniture/wallpaper.

Wondering and worrying if she would ever allow herself to be domesticated, I let her be to do her own thing for the last two weeks. But the other night as I was snuggling with my own pets, I felt a lick on my arm. It was only momentary as she darted away when I turned to see her. But later in the night, she started swatting her paw through my hair when I was asleep.

This is HUGE progress! A week ago I couldn't have imagined her coming to me on her own.

I would like to keep her for the next two weeks at my apartment with my pets because she is doing so well and gaining so much confidence. But she will need a place to go after that and I have such high hopes that with the right owner who can give her patience and show her trust, she will grow into a great cat and pet.

For any questions, please contact me or "the nice lady" at [email protected]. I believe we can assist with litter/food costs.


Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


madelinefaye's picture

Good job to Francis Bean for getting used to living indoors! I wanted to comment to encourage others to adopt Francis Bean. I took in a feral cat while living in Korea (I've been back in the US for a few months now) and I can't be happier now! Granted my cat was a little younger than this one (maybe only 3 months) and I know the younger they are the easier to domesticate, but he has made tons of progress and I'm sure Francis Bean can given the right chance!

My cat hid constantly the first 2-3 weeks, under the couch, the washing machine, behind doors, and whenever I picked him up he hissed and showed his teeth. It takes patience and lots of love, but little by little, they warm up to you. I didn't bathe him for a week or so even though he was filthy because he was so skittish, but after that was accomplished I continued to what I call "force cuddle" him when he was calm enough/I got the chance. I know Francis Bean may not be ready for that yet, but my point is, there is hope for her and with a kind owner, you can do it! Now days my cat sleeps on me, cuddles, purrs and is a great companion. He even made the flight home no problem. :)

Good luck Francis Bean!

Na.H's picture

Hello Madeline,
Thank you for your encouraging words! I will definitely try the "force cuddle" technique soon. I think that would be an important step too.

Also, Francis Bean has started to play with my cat this morning and according to my boyfriend, hopped on the bed near his foot last night.
:D ....progress!

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I have gotten quite a few requests for Francis Bean lately and I am happy to announce that little Francis Bean was put into long-term foster care a little over two weeks ago with the potential of it becoming an adoption. Regardless, new father and kitten seem to be having a good time together learning, growing, and loving. As such, I will remove this to the 'adopted' section!