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My New Dad!
My says I am not normal, because most other cats hate car rides, but I love 'em!My Promise to you!I love all furry things!The BeanMy playful nature...I love to sit on mom's lap while she works on the computer...can I sit on yours?

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Leash trained
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

The curse has been broken!
April 1, 2012
On April fools weekend of all the times too, Jellybean was adopted! Almost poetry within that notion, considering his luck and all.

We had many really good applicants in the last few weeks that applied for Jellybean however, there is only one Jellybean. :( If I could clone him for you, I would. For those that applied, I hope you will continue your search to adopt. JB is awesome but there are so many other awesome cats in Korea waiting to be adopted.

After months of being cradled by my sister and I, nursed to health by Ewok: Jellybean now gets to hang out and be a little man with is new dad :D
March 19,2012
A quick video showing Jellybeans playful and sociable side. It took about a week and a half, but Jellybean really took to Blue. Here they are playing back and forth. It started with blue jumping on JB and JB just taking it but he finally decided to get up and play....if you have a cat and what an additional companion cat for your own feline, JB is your boy. He hasnt met an enemy yet!

March 16, 2012
THis totally awesome cat is still available for adoption. If you would like to be JB's forever family, please submit your application to adoptbullies at!
When I take my cat to the vet she is extremely anxious, almost to the point of having to be sedated for a normal check up...this makes you want to avoid the vet >< In fact to cut her nails, or to groom her they must sedate her. Which this is common for most cats, but not for Jellybean! The is an extremely boring video showing you a snippet of Jellybean's attitude at the vet's office. We routinely get his nails clipped too, and this takes about all of five minutes. My cat it takes all day because they must sedate her. Once again, just an easy going, laid back lad!

Well Jellybean had about 5 interest all at once, spread out over a week and half period. Two applicants finished their adoption process within minutes of each other....the first family had to cancel the adoption for a family emergency that will prevent them from a forever commitment anytime soon, contacted the other applicant to see if they were still interested in meeting JB and well they had adopted another cat but now have discovered one of them may in fact have a cat allergy after all. So....

Poor ol'Jellybean is back up for adoption. If you contacted me before, please send me another email if you are still interested.

Jellybean is a really cool cat, and I know the perfect forever home is out there for him...I think all of this jinxed encounters are a blessing in disguised, a blessing that is keeping him for the right family.

Are you Jellybean's lucky charm?
Here is a recent dialogue about JB that may help you to consider him part of your forever family:

" what kind of preparations would be necessary for him versus if I adopted a dog."
*He of course needs the basics, like a litter box, toys, and good food. Things to climb on will be a plus...this can be a cat tree house or for me I have a dresser he likes to get up high on and a comfy spot to lay on. I have a huge pillow, it was actually one of those huge pillows that serves as the back of a couch, I covered it and he and the dogs now sleeps on it. When, Ewok was still here he liked to cuddle with him on the bean bags or the little pet dome.

"Does he tend to go after wires or curtains or scratch/chew furniture?"
*No, not with me. But how he adjust to his new home will be slightly unknown. I can anticipate that he will not but if he is bored, has no other companionship or toys for stimulation then, I can see how he (or any other animal) might develop these tendencies. Now my yorkie tore our couch and afterwards JB would want to pick at this place...Most often we would say a loud and firm "no" which would divert his attention away from it. However, since we have bought a new couch with no tears, this hasnt been a problem at all. He has never scratched furniture, but I also provide him with a scratch post. I dont have any curtains, so if you have long ones that touch the floor then he or any cat might find this "fun" to hide in. My girls did, Katie (my now eight year old cat) liked to hide in my curtains in the USA for hours. I dont think he would climb them though. However, keep in mind he is still a kitten and without stimulation then this could become a way to entertain himself.

"Does he have a favourite food / treat?"
*We feed him Royal Canin kitten food. In about a month though, we are going to change this to the next level up. Kitten food I think only goes up to 10 months. I have found this food to be the most healthy for my Katie. She has always had digestive problems and urinary tract infections, since switching her food I have seen her health do a 180. I do know cheaper brands that add color like Friskies can casue UTI and UTblockages.

*Treats, haha. All treats really. I buy the cat greenies for his teeth but everyday when we leave the house we give the dogs an omega treat: And he "yells" at me to give him one--it is very endearing really as he stands on his hind legs, grabs my hand with his paws, carefully smells it and then promptly takes the treat. They are made for dogs, but he loves them. Tonite I bought pig ears for the dogs at costco and he yelled at me to give him one. So I tore off a small piece and gave it to him and the silly guy took it off to chew on it. If we cook chicken or open tuna we give him a bit, or let him lick the tuna can.

" Will he eliminate outdoors if the need arises? I'm curious as to if he can or if he is absolutely attached to always using a litterbox."
*Since Ewok left he hasnt been so keen to go outside. Ewok kinda was his leader and example. Since Ewok's adoption, he hasnt really wanted to go outside. Besides that he needs to be an inside cat only. He was taken from his mother very early and did not learn any survival skills hence the reason he was harnessed only under supervision. Likewise, roaming cats have shorter life expectancy due to the possibility of contracting diseases.

*He is attached to his litterbox, in fact loves a fresh litter box! But I have a sneaky suspicion that he would be very easy to train to go in the toilet. I havent tried it yet, but he is fascinated with the toilet and likes exploring the bathroom.

"How is Jellybean with being on his own for a while, for example full time employment?"
*Our normal work schedule is 8 hours a day, 5 day work week, so when it is not winter break we are gone from the house this much at a time. I think he will be fine, but do keep in mind he may need time to adjust as he has always been with other animals. He may be needy for a couple of weeks, meaning when you come in from work he will want to be in your lap constantly or under feet as you cook dinner. Jellybean is a social cat...I know cats have the reputation of being independent and kind of snobby--this is def my cat-- but jellybean is different and therefore thrives on companionship.

"Is he at his maximum size now? How big is now approximately (length)?"
More than likely he is at his max size, however he does have a few more months before he reaches adulthood. I do expect that he may put on more mass, but I think his frame is as large as it will get. He is roughly 47cm, small enough to fly in cabin.

"How is he when travelling in a handheld carrier if we're not taking the car? In the carrier, he is ok."
* For the most part he does want to be a part of what is going on--remember social. But when we go to the vet, I put him in the carrier because he doesnt like the sounds of the busy highway right beside my vet. I tried walking him a leash from the parking lot to the vet and he wouldnt budge, I tried to carry him the short distance and he scratched me up in fear--therefore to solve it, he gets to ride in the car, carrier free, then get in the carrier to go from the parking lot to the vet office.

*He is social so he likes to go, but he doesnt always like the noise--there is a reason "scarcity cat" is a cliche ;) I do think he would be easy to travel with though. Many people cant take their cats on vacation because they wouldnt adjust, my cat couldnt, but JB I think would like it. Much like this cat:

Jellybean is LOVING my new ipad! Loves to play "paint for cats." Anytime I am reading on it, he comes to check out if that mouse is still running around!

Since being neutered we have def seen a shift in his behavior, a good one! He is much more calm, more like a cat now instead of a roaming, moaning wild cat on the prowl! He loves to lay on your lap and sleep with you at night. No snobbing cat here, no he is the most social cat and interactive one I have ever seen!

Still available for adoption if you are interested in this remarkable guy give me an email at adoptbullies @
Health status/ vaccinations:
Jellybean has been in foster care since he was 4 weeks old. He was barely strong enough to eat soft food and as a result was on an IV for a few days for dehydration. After that it seems like nothing stops this boy! He is full of life and energy~

JB is fully vaccinated, and neutered. Please note his adoption fee only covers a portion of his vet care. Being so young, on iv, contracting ringworm, and getting all his rounds of vaccines, plus being neutered cost way more than 150,000. Typically there are two types of adoptions among rescuers (not rehomers):
A). lower adoption fee, but higher vetting afterwards.
B). higher adoption fee, but lower vetting cost afterwards.
Receiving part of his vet care back, helps us to continue to foster.

  • JB is completely vaccinated.
  • Heartworm NEGATIVE!
  • Neutered today (12-3-06).

Jellybean is a fun seeking kind of guy. He has always grown up with dogs in the house and loves them. This was his best friend, Ewok: Since Ewok's adoption Jellybean has been a bit lost. For several weeks he would cry at night while looking for Ewok...finally he has started to bond with me more now than before. He enjoys cuddling as a result.

Since JB was a baby I would cradle him in my arms like a newborn, at first he hated this and would roll his eyes--really! I would always kiss him on the nose and when he got out of my arms he would give me the look like "come on mom really?!" Now though he loves for you to hold him tight in the cradle position and kiss his nose. He will often fall asleep like this. We have a large dresser near the front door, when we come home or just pass the dresser he will climb to he top, reach out with his paw and when you acknowledge him he will actually kiss your nose!

Jellybean is litter boxed trained, and we have gotten him neutered as soon as possible so he has no learned memory of spraying his scent. He LOVES to play and will require daily play time as he is a very smart cat and needs that mental stimulation.

When Ewok was with us, JB would actually walk on a leash. Since Ewok's adoption it is a little bit harder to get him to walk on the leash, however I think this is more because when we bring a new foster dog into the house it unbalances the dynamics for a short time. So personally I do think that if you are a person that is interested in walking your cat, then he will take up to it with regular consistency. i do think it is beneficial, but for our lifestyle we foster too many other animals at a time, to be consistent enough with cat walking right now.

Jellybean is also social with any animal, cat dog and probably even bunnies. He really likes bonding with other furry companions, and will do great with another cat or dog with mutual feelings. My cat growls and hisses even after months of JB being here, but he has never tried to hiss, growl or swipe back--he's just a laid back kind of guy when it comes to confrontations.

Rescue story:
Brought to KAPS by two school children, Jellybean was motherless and in need. I was there helping two other foster homes pick up kittens to foster. At that time the shelter had over 8 boxes of different litters of kittens ranging from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, and it just broke my heart to know he lost all of his littermates and mom the same day and was going to be thrust into another motherless litter box of kittens. So after holding him for hours we decided to foster our first kitty in korea. Now he is vetted, healthy and ready for a lifelong forever home with you!

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


adoptbullies's picture

Jellybean is sadly still waiting for his forever home. He is such a great cat. He has been raised around dogs and other cats and hasnt met a foe yet. In fact, he has recently lost his best friend Ewok: He and Ewok was extremel close. So close we were hoping to find them a home together, but nothing seemed to be happening for them together. Orginally, it looked like Jellybean was starting to develop into his own cat and gaining independence from Ewok. But after a week of missig his buddy he has become quite affectionate, and kinda needs more attention than before. This means more sleeping under the covers, more hanging out and watching tv together and more play time.

I hope jellybean can find a perfect home. He will love his people very much, and if he has another fur buddy to play with that would just be icing on the cake. Please consider this fine boy!

kmwg19's picture

Jellybean is waiting for you! He is missing his best buddy Ewok and needs a new pal to play with and be active with.

btw - Jellybean is the coolest! He goes hiking! He's the kitty for the person who likes to be active ^^

nsudboro's picture

I submitted an application to adopt Jellybean. I would love to hear a response.

kmwg19's picture

Hi nsudboro, Was your application submitted to adoptbullies(at) or KAPS.Adoption(at) Currently KAPS is shifting Coordinator responsibilities, as such it may be a few days before you hear back. We appreciate your application and will get back to you as soon as possible.

nsudboro's picture

Thank you for the information. I submitted my application to adoptbullies. However, because of the continued lack of response, I sent an email rescinding the application this afternoon. I am too busy professionally to wade through inefficient personal pursuits.

adoptbullies's picture

Hi Nsudboro, thank you for your interest in adopting. I am sorry you felt like you had a "continual lack of response." However, you submitted your application on a Friday night and expected to get an answer by Sunday evening. In the world of business, one would understand that pursuing such endeavors over a weekend would lack in response. In the world of rescuing, a charity that works on limited funds is forced to use volunteers; many of which also work full time. Their weekends are spent at the shelters, providing moments of comfort, and love to those animals that are void of it thru the week--rather than meeting demands of too busy professionals. Thru the week, those same volunteers work 40 hours a week and spend their evenings advocating for those animals that never asked to be domesticated, but are and now are abandoned. The least you could do is to help support those animal rescuers that work endlessly to advocate for those animals, rather than demand an immediate response. This is a rescue, not a business.

Since your life is so busy, and you would rehome your pet if you accepted a job in another country that did not allow you to bring your pet along, then I urge you to consider fostering. The more times an animal is abandoned and each home it has to adjust to, the more likely it will develop behavior problems. Once this happens it is almost always euthanize because there are not enough qualified homes to retrain an animal that as lost trust in the humans that should of cared for it. If you would like a case example, check out Arnie the mastiff on here. Or want more info, I can put you in contact with a dozen of people that have fostered or adopted an animal that lost its trust in humans because it went thru too many homes. Mostly from expats that wanted to meet their need for animal companionship but would not return the needs of the pet; those expats would rather leave behind their companion than to turn down a job that prevented them from bringing their pet along.

I wish you well; your application clearly stated a researched perspective on how to care for a feline. I pray now that you would research the effects of rehoming and make a commitment that no matter what you would direct your future in a way that will always provide for the animal you accept responsibility for.

Sincerely, Nicole

nsudboro's picture

I apologize if i have given offense. I simply deduced that the person(s) responsible for that animal were not as motivated based on the lack of response. As you said, it is not a business so I assumed that office hours were irrelevant. I am pursuing a more responsive candidate because it is only logical to expect that someone who responds more quickly initially will likely pursue the whole process in a speedier manner. I'm sorry if my desire for a less time-consuming process has irritated you.

linhorobin's picture

Nicole, I hope you realize how many people and especially animals appreciate what you do everyday!! You are trying to do the extremely difficult and justifiably time-consuming job of matching the right people with the right animals to prevent further difficulties and heart-break in the future. On behalf of all the animals counting on you to lead them home and the logical humans who understand how difficult this task can be, I'd like to express great gratitude! Keep up the excellent work! Not many people could do what you do!!

clare_bell's picture

I agree with Lindsay!!! Don't let this dissuade you - you do a fantastic job and most of us know how difficult and time-consuming, not to mention emotionally draining, it can be.

adoptbullies's picture

Thank you Lindsay and Clare for the support, trust me as long as I have been around rescuing I have suffered worse. In the words of a colleague "If one can't exhibit patiences over a short weekend, then one does not have the patiences for a pet." And besides that jellybean deserves the best, someone willing to commit to him for his life time, and sadly we haven't had any applicants to demonstrate these qualities. Thankfully he is not fighting for his life in a kill shelter, so we have the time to wait for his perfect person. He is such a lovable, friendly, social guy that knows how to touch your face ever so gentle when you cradle him, likes to hold your hand and use the iPad together lol...he is perfect, and deserves nothing but. Come to think of it, he's like a boyfriend, the best in fact, the kind at can't argue with you ;)

@ nsudboro I am not sure how you logically deduce your reasoning that a " lack " response correlated with motivation nor how this has anything to do with insuring the future welfare of an animal. Likely you will adopt a cat that is being rehomed by someone desperately looking for a place for the animal to go as they are leaving Korea. I hope between the time you take in a cat and the time you prepare to leave Korea (permanent residences is almost impossible to get even if you have been here 10+ years) you at least come to a resolve to make a forever commitment to the cat, it doesn't deserve to fullfill your need for companionship just to lose it in the end.

Want a tuxedo wearing boyfriend,jellybean is your man! Email me at [email protected]!

Marsh850's picture

He is such a cutie!

Since he has always been around other animals, do you think he would need another animal in a house or that he would be lonely by himself?

Karen's picture

Wow, Jellybean waited so long for his forever home. I'm so happy for him, congrats!

clare_bell's picture

I am so happy to see him in the adopted section!!! Congrats!!! :)

adoptbullies's picture

Sadly his adoption fell thru :( It just wasnt meant to be... I know he has to have the right forever family out there. He just has to, he is too awesome not to!

jennifirelovelymoes's picture

I filled out an application I am not sure how to send it.

adoptbullies's picture

great! Just email it to [email protected] :D

jennifirelovelymoes's picture

I hope you received my application ok I am looking forward in hearing from you.

clare_bell's picture

This made my day! I've been watching Jelly Bean for so long. So happy he has finally found his forever home!! Congratulations, and well done!!

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*Like ~

clare_bell's picture

Any updates on how JB is doing in his forever home? I'd love to know!

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You know Clare, I asked his adopter for an update way back when you asked me and I just realized I never posted it!!!
So here ya go ;)

JB is doing great. If I'm in my apartment there's a 90% chance he's either on me or next to me. Though he has developed an odd taste for buttons. I can't wear any shirts with them around him now or he goes right after them.

Sounds just like him!