Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Grey & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

EDIT: Jaeger found a great home with a mom, dad and 5yr old playmate! Tough to see him go, but I'm happy he'll finally get the attention he deserves! :)

Due to my current work situation and upcoming travel I unfortunately need to find a new home for my cat, Jaeger.

He was a challenge when I first got him due to not being neutered (used to yowl all night long), but he's been absolutely great since being fixed and is probably the most affectionate cat I've ever met. He's about a year old and has tons of energy and loves wrestling with any toy you dangle in front of him, but also enjoys simply sitting in a lap and having his belly scratched. If he had it his way he'd be playing with you 24/7.

He's great with strangers (always comes up and says hi right away) and hasn't had a trouble with missing his litterbox aside from a short time while I was traveling because the friend I had caring for him didn't change the litter regularly. He initially scratched up my office chair, but hasn't touched anything aside from his scratching posts since being neutered. He's a curious cat and loves watching people out the window too.

He's gotten to be a great cat, but I definitely can't provide the attention he deserves right now.

Jaeger comes with his litterbox, toys, food dishes, bed (even though he's always prefered the couch) and cat tower/scratching posts as well if you want them.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


pipu's picture

It may help if he would be kept as a second cat. It might reduce his need for attention.

Also he definatly should get neutered!!!!

I had a forster who was also loud and peed before she got neutered. She was the sweetest cat ever aftereards. More importantly it should happen quickly, you might wanna try another vet nearby.

It will double his chances to get adopted or find a foster home.

marlajoy's picture

Yeah, getting him neutered would be a great start. Also, have you tried an animal communicator? I know it may sound strange but they can be extremely helpful in finding out what is going on and why he is causing so much trouble. It's not cheap but I really feel Claudia Hehr could help you as she has helped many other animals in similar situations. http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/link/2817

megs's picture

I agree with both of the above. I, too, have seen cats that are yeowly become quiet after neutering, and/or when hanging out with a cat friend. An animal communicator is also a great idea.
Also, regarding your bed. My cat did that. I took her blanket and covered my bed with it. I also put plastic underneath for the unpleasant crinkle effect - this may not help with your cat. She never peed there again, because it smelled like "her" bed.
I hope that in some way helps, and that things work out.

pipu's picture

Very well done!
I hope it helps. Sometimes when they are neutered to late the behaviour stays the same, lets press thumbs that this is not the case.

marlajoy's picture

That's awesome you got him neutered. Please keep us updated. :) Also, does he use his toys, scratching post and cat tower? Does he know appropriate ways to act out his desires? My male cat LOVES to shred things and would surely tear my house apart and be thoroughly unpleasant if it weren't for the cardboard boxes I leave out. He will jump on top and tear them to bits like he is attacking prey. Once he gets that energy out, he is the sweetest guy ever and leaves the rest of my house alone. I also have stuffed mice on strings that I will drag on the ground and let him 'attack'. Maybe you could test those things out if you haven't already. :)

pipu's picture

How is he doing? Any changes in his behaviour? Hope you get along better.

marlajoy's picture

What a great update! So wonderful to hear that getting him neutered took care of all the issues!! :)