Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Colour: Black
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Meet Badger. I have been fostering this gorgeous little monster for a few weeks. He had been living on the streets for a few months until we managed to catch him. Apart from a tiny bit of ringworm on his ears, which has practically cleared up, all of his other health problems have been resolved. He underwent blood tests, all of which came back negative for the major fatal diseases, and he is in the process of receiving his vaccinations. The vet estimates that he is between 4 and five months old. Badger is incredibly handsome with his long silky hair and silvery charcoal undercoat. He loves being around people, loves to cuddle, and starts purring as soon as he is touched. He is very energetic and will play with almost anything he can find. Badger's most adorable feature is that he often has his little tongue sticking out. Please consider giving this boy a forever home.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care


marlajoy's picture

He IS a gorgeous little monster! :)