Byul (Star)

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
Adoption Status: Adopted

I operate a Cat Cafe and today had someone bring in 2 kittens that she could no longer keep. They are 8 weeks old and very sweet, but very scared right now. My vet won't let me get them vaccinated until I've had them for a full week, and I'm pretty sure their previous owner did not vaccinate them. My boarding rooms are currently unusable since I have some dogs back there (also available for adoption by the way, look at other Chuncheon listings), so I'll have to keep these kittens in the big Cat Room with all 18 of our other adult cats. The adult cats are all friendly and vaccinated, but I am afraid that they could still be carriers for something and cause the kittens to get sick. I would much prefer to find these kittens a real home, but if they can settle in to Cafe life they will be able to stay here.

Byul is the orange one, Dal is the Black one, both are boys. Approximately 8 weeks old, but I don't really know anything else about them. Their owner had to give them up because she is taking a new job and has to move, and the cats will not be able to live in her new place.



Edit 12/29: Unfortunately we lost Dal this morning. Both kittens had been skinny when they arrived to us here, and even after giving them a wormer I had not been able to get them to gain weight. Up until Friday morning they had both seemed to be eating well, but Dal was getting lethargic by afternoon when we had someone stop by to see about adopting them (they decided to come back later with a semi-allergic son to make sure if he will react to the kittens or not before adopting). Saturday morning Dal did not want to eat or drink with his brother, so we took him to our vet. The vet could not find a vein to give IV fluids, so he gave some fluids under the skin and sent him back home with us. The vet did not want to give either kitten vaccinations yet due to their small size, and he could not keep Dal overnight because they are not heating the clinic after-hours nowadays and it will get too cold there. We found the warmest place we could and set up a nest for little Dal, and I gave him some softened food via syringe in the evening. I thought he seemed stronger when we went home at about 11pm, but when we came back this morning he had not survived the night.

Byul is still eating well and is fairly lively this morning, I'm not sure he knows his brother is gone yet.

edit 1/4: Byul is doing better every day. He seems to be gaining weight now, though I'm not sure exactly how much because we didn't weigh him before... he's about 850grams now. You can still see all his little bones, but there is muscle beginning to cover them again and he's much stronger than he was. His fur looks better and his eyes are clear and bright. I believe on Monday (our cafe's day off) we will take him in to our vet for his first vaccinations since he should now be big enough and strong enough to get them without any harm. We've only had one person come to see him so far about possible adoption, and they are still unsure, so as far as I can know he is still available.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Chuncheon - 춘천
Living Situation: In foster care


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