Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Why hello there! My awesome name is Atom because I'm tiny, I'm into everything, and I'm just plain awesome. Up until about a week or so ago I was chilling outside, partying with my wild bachelor self, when the party went from chill to chilly. I got pretty cold so I decided it was a good time to settle down and find myself a family. Well I found these awesome super smart people who let me stay in a box in their office but well, boxes are sooo 2012 that I decided to crash at someone else's place. That someone else is my current foster who despite giving me a bath and taking me to the vet seems to be pretty nice, plus I've got three other cats to play with. I love playing and I love cuddles (ooh, specially cuddling up to you at bed time), I love food most of all but the human won't let me keep eating no matter how much I complain (I mean hey, the babes love a nice plump cat to cuddle up with). The evil-that-shall-not-be-named (vet) said that I'm completely healthy (the ways in which he found out are still giving me nightmares) and I've even gotten my first shot of my four vaccinations. I also heard the human talking about snipping something soon...but I think she was just talking about my nails, and who doesn't love a manicure? So if anyone wants to hook up with a balling player come check out my pad in Yesan, I promise with one look you'll fall in love. I'm like Tila Tequila just looking for love, is that you?

***UPDATE*** 11/30/13
Alright so Atom has been with me for two weeks now and he is a total love bug. The sweetest little kitten ever, although he does love a good play time. Atom loves sleeping with me at night, anywhere is fine although he does prefer to sleep by my face. He gets along great with other cats, as you can see in many of his photos he's getting along famously with my cat Mooey. Atom is definitely food driven and will be all over you for a scrap of your deliciousness (as you can see in two of the photos he's trying to steal my hoddeok). Overall he's a great boy, even let me clip his nails, and he's learning quickly what is okay and not okay to scratch (he's super smart, no wonder he survived on the streets). We'll be going back to the vet soon so we'll update again then.

***UPDATE*** 12/19/13
Atom is halfway through his shots and he is doing great. He is fitting in so well with the rest of my cats I know he would do great with any other cats. I will be going home for vacation at the end of January and it would be great if he is adopted before then ;)

***UPDATE*** 12/28/13
Yay! Atom is finally all finished with his shots and got the snippety-snip today. He is 100% finished with vet visits and so anyone adopting him can just take him home and not worry about that for a while. Atom is also now used to using SoftClaws, for those who are not familiar with Softclaws they are little plastic caps to put on your cat's nails that keep them from damaging your stuff (not that he's an excessive scratcher, it's just nice to have if you have furniture that scratches easily like leather/pleather). The nail caps come off when the cat sheds their nails naturally so if the adopter doesn't like them then they'll fall off after a few weeks.

And please, don't let my location (Yesan) put anyone off from adopting, I am willing to travel within reason to help get Atom adopted. I will be going to the States for the month of February and I would love to have Atom adopted before then.

Adoption Fee: ₩60,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


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He looks like he has a big role in nuclear industry :)