Hiss and Puff

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Unknown
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Grey & White
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Bonded pair
Adoption Status: Adopted

These two angels are on their way with their foever mom. So so happy they are adopted and will spend their lives loved and together!


* I am leaving Korea at the end of Jan so these cuties NEED to be adopted by then or a new foster will be needed. BUT because they were rescued they need take a little while to bond so going to a new foster and then adopted will not be the best option for them.


25/11 We have PURRRRR, Puff and Hiss have started purring if you rub them on the back and then they flop over and want tummy rubs. Hiss is still a little cautious, he plays with the toys you are holding but retreats to his box if he is scared. He was a little more difficult to catch so I think he was a little more traumatized by the catch than his sister. They both have ventured out of their room to ours, bathroom and kitchen, followed by our 8 cats who are not too happy about this situation haha. They haven't taken to them just yet but Hiss and Puff desperately want one of them to be their mom. They are at the perfect age now to find their family so please consider adopting them.

18/11 I can hear them running around and playing, so cute. We pick them up and cuddle, they still make it known that they are not happy but there is no scratching or biting. They are also far less scared. Making progress everyday!

I rescued these 2 cuties from outside my apt this week. They have been living in my spare room and are doing very well. They are extremely timid and calm. They hiss and puff at you when they see you but you can easily reach your hand in and take them out and pick them up. I am spending a few hrs everyday holding and loving them.

They have had a check up and are healthy, have been dewormed and are around 10 weeks, little toothies are developing. They are eating softened food and using the litter box, they learnt all by them selves.

They have the CUTEST faces! One is male and one is female. The male is Orange and White, the female is Grey and white.

At this age and because of their circumstances they need to be fostered/adopted together. Also because I am a firm believer in 2's :)

If you KNOW you can proved the BEST FOREVER home for these guys and NOTHING less please fill out the adoption app and email it to the contact below.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Boeun - 보은군
Living Situation: In foster care


shellyvv's picture

How can we have 367 views but no one wants us????

marlajoy's picture

That is such an adorable profile picture! Don't worry about all the views. All it takes is one special person! :) Everyone should know that having two cats/kittens is genuinely better than only one! It is super entertaining watching the two of them play; they shower each other with love and affection; they keep each other company when the human is at work and there are more little bodies to keep the human warm at night! What a deal!! :)

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I couldnt have said it better myself :) had a few people interested but cant bring myself to seperate them. You are right, the right person will come along ♥

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dont seperate them if you can I've fostered bonded pairs and they need to stay together

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I know Megan. that's why I kept Paws and Socks together in foster care for 6 months and now they are both adopted together and going to South Africa next month!

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That's the way it should be!! I know my frist two were a bonded pair and I made sure that they didnt get seperated and now they are adopted together :D