Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black
  • Microchipped
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update 8th January, 2014 by Suyoun
Bear was under the fostering care. The family had no experience living with a cat before, so I'd like to make it sure if they can control and live with Bear.
Bear stayed at the vet for three days because of pneumonia. The family worried about him so much and gave me news of Bear often. Now, Bear is getting healthier and happier than before.
So I decided to set Bear to be adopted. That's the family wanted but I didn't say it yet.
I'm going to visit them soon. :)
Hope Bear is living happy life forever~!!

*Information of Bear
Date : 25th November, 2013
Where : Asan city
Gender : Male
Age : 3 months(0.6kg)

*Update 24th December, 2013 by Suyoun
Bear is doing well at a foster home.
I'm going to visit the foster home in the next month and decide the adoption.
Foster family is great. They didn't know well about cats but my friend living near them kept in touch with them and the family listen me well.
Merry Christmas Bear with a foster family. :)

*Update 20th December, 2013 by Suyoun
Bear stayed at the vet for three days because of Pneumonia.
I think he was stressed out with taking a car so long time to move to a foster home.
He is fine now and doing well everything.

*Update 8th December,2013 by Suyoun
Bear started the fostering care yesterday.
He took my car for three hours but he lookes great when he got home.
The family(mom and 14 years old girl) was so happy to meet him and they are considering to adopt him
as well.
they are not used to be with a cat, so foster mom call me whenever something happened.
I'm feel comfortable because they discussed with me everything.
I'm going to keep in touch with a foster mom. photoes will be updated tomorrow~~

*Update 26th November, 2013 by Suyoun
There were many applicants to adopt Bear but he is still at the shelter.
It's not a his fault. I hope someone will appear soon before Bear grows up.
I was worried that he looked not good in the last week but he is good in this weekend.
Actually, living at the shelter for kittens is not good becuase they are weak.
Please consider to adopt Bear.

*Update 4th November, 2013 by Suyoun
Bear is the cutest cat in the Asan shelter.
Most people just fell in love with him in a minute as soon as they met him.
You need to visit the shelter and meet him. :)
Please become a parent for him before he gets sick because he is too young to stay at the shelter for a long time.

*Update 12th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Bear is doing well in the shelter.
I think Bear has a microchip but need to ask Mr.Park for sure. :)
Bear likes people and playful. Whenever I entered the his room, he just rushed toward me. what a cute!!!!
If you are interested in him, just let us know. We visit the shelter every Sat and have a meeting for the adoption.
Do not hesitate to meet him~:)

*Update 9th October, 2013 by Suyoun.
Bear is newbie in the shelter.
He was in the kill shelter and finished the due date for killing, so Mr.Park took him to his shelter from there.
He is very cute and gets along with people.
Please be a parent for this littel cuty.

If you are interested in fostering this cat
please read the Asan Cat Fostering Guidelines first ( and send a completed application form, available here (
to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

If you're interested in ADOPTING this cat
please read the ARK Adoption Process guidelines and send a completed adoption application form ( to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Goyang - 고양
Living Situation: In foster care


drkim81's picture

He is so adorable. :)

drkim81's picture

hahaha he was so well-behaved while we cliped his nails.
Just come and meet him. you will fall in love with him.

Jiheesuh's picture

I am interested in fostering. If I foster how long does it take?

drkim81's picture

Hi, Jiheesuh
Thanks for having interests for fostering Bear.
Bear needs forever hom so the foster should try to find a forever home for him with us.
We expect the fostering care will be kept until he finds a forever home.

If you are interested in fostering this cat
please read the Asan Cat Fostering Guidelines first ( and send a completed application form, available here (
to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

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2nd November, 2013 at the shelter.

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2nd November, 2013
Do not miss his cutiest age!
He will be a good friend for you.

Nelese12's picture

Does this little guy still need a forever home? I'm interested in adopting him, but it seems his foster family might keep him. Could you please let me know :)

drkim81's picture

Bear is in a foster home and the family think of adopting him. :)
Thanks. I'll keep updating news for him.

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9th January, 2014
Black pig=Bear.
hahaha he is getting bigger and bigger!
he is doing great with that family.
keep updating~