Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black & White
  • Feral (wild)
Adoption Status: Adopted

This is the "friend" of "Butterscotch" (though I am not sure they would be a bonded pair.) My friend has been feeding him for about a month. He is about 2-6 weeks old. He is tough! He has no mother (abandoned) and so fended for himself. Now is comfortable being held and pet by owners. Still a "kitten" and chubby. He meows while eating which is adorable.

I cannot take him as I have a husky, and my friend already has adopted 2 feral kittens (as well as has a dog) so her family will go crazy if she takes in another (unless emergency).

"Cookie" was adopted by a well meaning neighbor after noticing how friendly he became (my friend had slowly domesticated him outside). However ('sigh') the neighbor says her dog is too stressful with the kitten and he needs to go.

Please consider adopting "Cookie" or fostering him through the cold winter months. He would also love to be adopted (or fostered) with his pal "Butterscotch" (see my other posting.) They are both orphans and had taken to living with each other before "Cookie" was adopted.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: Other circumstance