Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Special needs

Update - May 2 -

It breaks my heart to say this, but Peep had to be put to sleep yesterday. After blood tests on April 30, the vet diagnosed her with FIP, an immune system infection. It was attacking her organs. Her gallbladder had been damaged, and also her liver. Her nose had also stopped working, which was why she stopped eating. FIP is an incurable fatal disease, and rather than watching her slowly get worse and worse, I decided to have her sleep peacefully. After a beautiful day at the park where she laid in the sunshine with her brother and me, she ended the day by taking one last painless nap.

Many people would be heartbroken in this situation, and I am sad, but I know she isn't in pain anymore, so I'm satisfied with the conclusion. Please, if your pet starts to lose weight rapidly and becomes a picky eater, please have them checked for abnormalities in the blood.

Update - April 29 -

Peep has lost a lot of weight within the past 2 weeks. After several frantic visits to the vet, the conclusion is that she is a picky eater. She has slight congestion in her nose, but it's so slight that the vet cannot determine the cause. His advice was to try different mixtures of foods until she found something she liked. She is currently very fussy and only eats each type of food for about a day before she tires of it.

I will be getting her fresh fish and meat scraps from the market to see if that will help increase her appetite until she can be switched over to a healthier food with more vitamins. The goal right now is to increase her weight, and then increase her vitamin intake.

Unfortunately, her brother Brownie Bear is a pig and will eat anything I give him. As a result, it's a struggle to make sure Peep is getting all that she needs to eat before her brother butts in and starts chowing down. I've tried to keep them separated, but hearing her brother yowling from the bathroom also puts her off the food.

If anyone is interested in fostering her until she puts on more weight, preferably with no other cat, or would like to foster Brownie through this process, that would be a real blessing!

Update - February 14 -

Peep is a very petite cat, compared to her brother Brownie. She doesn't let him push her around, though. She has grown accustomed to sleeping under the blanket and just stares me, demanding I lift the cover for her to crawl inside. She's such a cutie!! ^^

Update - December 2 -

Peep's fur has become really soft lately. She is enjoying the benefits of that as she is often the one I grab to cuddle with in the morning. She acts like a rag doll most of the time and just lets me hold her for as long as I want, as long as I continue to pet her.

She is such a cuddler, she really needs her own human to spend more time with her.
Update - Nov. 11 -

Peep is the most laid back with me, of the three remaining kittens. She likes to lay on the bed with me and isn't shy about coming under the covers. She's very curious and is usually the first one to inspect something new in the room. She likes wrestling with her brother Brownie and her sister Gummi when she wakes up from her nap. She likes cuddling on my bed during the day time and she is now used to being held. She likes her chin rubbed ^^

Peep is litter trained, for the most part. She only has an 'oopsie' when I don't clean the litter box as often as I should.
She is the smallest of the bunch, and is very delicate and looks very lady-like. She does, however, really like to wrestle with her siblings!

Peep and her sister Peach are very similar in appearance, but Peep is a bit softer in color. On Peep, her face is more red, while her back is almost cream-colored. Her back is very unique in that her undercoat is darker than her topcoat, so her fur looks very creamy and almost silverish when you pet or blow on her back.

Peep is a bit shy around me still, when I go to her, but she has no problem approaching me on her own. She is very playful with her siblings and loves to play with her mother's tail.


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Oh small gerl, Now I see my baby's kitten, they look like her, I love Chamchi her new name Nona now,she is so so smart like Human I think , well like dog ,,,smart dog fir sure