Honey (formerly Peewee/련이)

look at this happy face. such cute.
Honey begging for attention in my lap :)sleepy baby hiding under the covers :3...zzzz...

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update 7/5/2014
Honey left with her new adopted family today! Congratulations, Honey~

Update 6/6/2014
Sometimes Honey seems more like a dog than a cat! She likes to follow me around, demands attention, LOVES food, and "talks" to me all the time. If I have guests over, she's always the first one to try and make friends with them. She's a very friendly, sociable cat who gets pretty lonely with just me and Comma for company. She'll be a great addition to someone's home, especially one with other animals. ^^

Update 5/3/2014
Added a few new pics! Honey is gaining some weight after her spay. She still loves causing mischief and stealing hearts. If you give her the chance, she'll steal yours easily. :)

Update 4/8/2014
Honey is all healed from her spay surgery! She is really friendly with other animals, and loves cuddling, food, and laser pointers. She's a huge attention hog. :) She wants a forever family! Do you have space in your heart for this cute, playful kitty?

Update 3/22/2014
Honey was spayed on March 15, 2014.

Update 3/11/2014
Honey will be spayed this weekend. She's gone through 3 heat cycles in as many months and I am Not Amused. -_- Hopefully she'll settle down a bit once she's had the surgery!
She's doing really well, very energetic and affectionate. Lately she figured out a trick where she waits until I get under my covers and then crawls under them to snuggle with me. So sweet :)

Update 2/8/2014 by Melinda
Honey got her third vaccination last Tuesday, and is now all up-to-date with her shots!
Also, the vet checked her ears and said she's now completely clear and free of ear mites. Hurray!

Update 1/28/2014 by Melinda
I've renamed her Honey :)
Honey has been my foster for about 2 1/2 weeks now and she is the sweetest little thing ever! It took a few days for her to trust me, but once she decided I was okay, she will not stop following me around. She's very vocal and "talks" to me if she thinks I'm not paying enough attention.
She gets along splendidly with my other foster, Comma. She definitely likes having other cats around - when she first came home with me, she didn't want to be friends with me, but she wanted to be friends with Comma!
She's a playful kitty but sometimes she just wants to crawl up on my pillow and sleep next to my face. :)
She had earmites before, but her treatment is almost done and she's now healthy.

If you're looking for a forever cat, you can't go wrong with this sweet baby.

*Update 11th January, 2014 by Suyoun
Peewee is under the fostering with Melinda!
Thanks Melinda~

*Update 21st December, 2013 by Suyoun
Peewee started to get vaccination. we will give her two times more. :)

*Update 26th November, 2013 by Suyoun
Peewee likes eating! She and Comet is brother and sister but Peewee is bigger than Comet.
That's why she eats well. :)
As you see, she has beautiful face and likes people.
She always follows me while I clean the room at the shelter. So cute girl.

*Update 4th November, 2013 by Suyoun
Peewee is doing well.
She really likes poeple and can't live without them.

*Update 29th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Weather is getting cold but Peewee has no home.
Peewee wants to find a home with Comet. They are all together since they was born.

*Update 12th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Peewee little cutie Peewee~
She is in the enclosure with Pooh and Comet.
I hope to she meets a great parent soon.

*Update 9th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Peewee like poeple so much!

*Update 16th September, 2013 by Suyoun Kim
Peewee needs a foster and forever home.
Her best friend left her to a foster home.
Please be with her mom and dad.

*9th September, 2013
Peewee is little sweet girl.
She looks happy when I pet her.

*30th July, 2013
Meet Ruby's kittens - Heggie, Opal, Pearl, Comet, Peewee and Aggie!
Opal, Pearl, Heggie and Peewee are female; Comet and Aggie are male.

If you are interested in fostering this cat
please read the Asan Cat Fostering Guidelines first (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/blog/dbis/guideline-for-fostering-asan-...) and send a completed application form, available here (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application)
to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

If you're interested in ADOPTING this cat
please read the ARK Adoption Process guidelines and send a completed adoption application form (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application) to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

NOTE from Melinda (Honey's foster): If you want to know more about Honey, you can text me on Kakao. My ID is crazymindi.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


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Peewee is one of six gorgeous little ragamuffins that came to Asan shelter from Seoul with their mother Ruby (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/cat/1793) some time ago. They have now come of age (4 months old now), are weened and ready to be adopted! They have all received their first rounds of vaccinations.

These six little beans began out as sweet friendly little balls of fluff but during a volunteer hiatus at the shelter due to a distemper outbreak amongst the dogs these guys missed out on some crucial socialisation and interaction with people at an important time during in their early social development so have recently become more withdrawn and a little scared of people. Though luckily they're all hiss and no bite and can be handled. Having said this, these guys are no loss cause and seeing similar if not more fearful kitties at the shelter enter foster and adoptive homes and transforming into playful,friendly and affectionate adorable little lovebugs gives me hope that these poppets are just in need of some kind, patient and understanding individual and/or family that can give them each the attention and love they deserve. In fact, Peewee's brother Aggie was adopted recently and has become a incredibly playful and affectionate kitty because he was given a chance!

If you're thinking of fostering or adopting a kitten, why not give one of these scaredy shelter kittens a chance and go in life?

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After being free from the small cage, Peewee and Heggie, Comet have been changed!
They love poeple. wow. I never seen before they don't yell toward people. lol
Just see that pictures, they are loving with people now.

dbis's picture

Wow!! I can't believe it!!! Is it the same cat?! I'm over the moon to see and hear that these guys have come out of their shells and are beginning to bond with people. It's amazing what minor changes to the environment together with a bit of TLC can do to even the most timid and wildest of kitties! Wonderful! Good luck in finding your forever home Peewee, it's only a matter of time now!

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Peewee and Heggie like Louis. :)

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Little Peewee like people than eating!!!
Please be a mom/dad for Peewee.

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19th October, 2013
She really wants to be with people. :(
Please look at her pictures and think about adopting/fostering her.

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What a cutie Peewee~

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Peewee got the second vaccination and left to a foster home. :)

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What a lovely sweet cat Honey~ :)
Is she talk to you much? wow. She always escaped people at the shelter.
I think she wanted the one person who care of her. :)
Thanks Melinda~

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She really has completely changed from how she acted in the shelter! She's so friendly now. Such a sweetheart. :)

drkim81's picture

I saw the picture she is sleeping with her companion. Wow~~~
I always surprise when a cat is changed at a home instead of the shelter.
She is so lovely~~~
Thanks Melinda~

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Wow she has been spayed!
Thanks Malinda~

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Congratulations Honey!
We hope you enjoy life with great cat Custard and Tom & Vanessa!
Thanks for all Malinda~ really really appreciate all!