Shark(샤크, 봉구)

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Siamese
Colour: Grey
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update 19th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Shark has been adopted by Jennifer.
She promised that she will keep updating news for Shark to us.
I'll keep in touch with her and will update some pictures.

*Update 1st October, 2013
Shark will be back today because his mom is really sick.
Shark really gets along with people and cats.
Please be a foster and forever parent.

*Update 2nd August, 2013
Congratulations!!! Shark has found a FOREVER HOME!
I'm so happy he met a great mom. He will be happy forever.
Thanks Brittney and foster parent SunA and Hoyoun. <3
샤크, 우리의 봉구가 드디어 엄마를 만났습니다.
브리트니 너무 고맙고, 샤크랑 행복한 시간 만들어 가기를 바랄께요.
임보 엄마 아빠인 선아씨와 호윤씨 부부 정말 감사합니다.
냥냥만세 포에버~!!

*Updated 21st July 2013
Shark has moved to a foster home in Incheon.
He visited the vet and had a basic health check. he needs to get neutering but the vet said he's not perfect to ger surgery yet.
his foster mom and dad are also Biscuit's foster. :) we are happy to Biscuit has a friend.
*2013년 7월 21일 업데이트
샤크의 한국 이름은 봉구입니다. 임보 엄마네 Biscuit(봉식이)가 임보중이거든요. 그래서 봉식이 봉구 이렇게 되었어요^^
봉구는 중성화를 해서 입양처를 찾기 위해서 임보처에 왔습니다.
중성화를 하러 병원에 갔는데, 설사가 있고 영양상태가 좋지 않아서 몸을 만든 후에 중성화를 하기로 했어요.
봉구의 입양을 원하시는 분은 연락 주세요.
김수연 [email protected] (010-9932-4561)

*First writing 15th July 2013
Shark is from Busan abandoned animal shelter.
Actually Shark was in the special room and wating for euthanasia. the rescuee just took him out of the shelter at once but there was no space for him because rescuee has 10 dogs and 3 cats already...
That's why he is in Asan shelter now.
Shark is not neutered yet. So I'd like to get him surgery as soon as possible but I don't have extra space for him in my house.
If anyone can give him a small space, I can take him to the vet for neutering and basic health check.

He is very friendly with people so always want to be beside poeple.
Please send a mail to me if you are interested in Shark!

If you are interested in fostering Shark please read the Asan Cat Fostering Guidelines first ( and send a completed application form, available here ( to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])
If you're interested in ADOPTING Shark please read the ARK Adoption Process guidelines and send a completed adoption application form ( to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Incheon - 인천
Living Situation: In foster care


marlajoy's picture

Another gorgeous Siamese! Wish I could help him out. :(

kittycat203's picture

AHHHHHHHHH! I WISH I COULD HELP! I have a beautiful siamese myself and can say that they are friendly cats! :)

drkim81's picture

Shark finally met Biscuit at a foster home!
How lovely are they? :)
I'm so happy to he can stay at a great house.

marlajoy's picture

He's at a foster home?! Oh wonderful! Siamese cats are so social and normally don't do well as only cats.

drkim81's picture

Yes he is located in Incheon now. Mreover, the foster is temporary mom of Biscuit! :)
They are staying there together fot a while.

clare_bell's picture

He is soooo cute!!

dbis's picture

Sharkie is one extremely gorgeous kitty and has the exact same disposition and colorings (seal point) as my previous foster cat Bhumi! He'll thrive in foster care with Biscuit - Siamese are super social, friendly and VERY affectionate cats. Good luck Sharkie!

drkim81's picture

Shark is going well.
He will go to the vet on Friday to remove a suture in his ball. (=^^=)
He is perfectly ready to be adopted tomorrow.
Please contact me if you are interested in Shark!!
봉구 내일 중성화 수술자리에 실밥 제거하러 병원가요.
이제 실밥만 제거 되면 봉구는 입양 준비가 다 된거에요~
봉구에게 관심있으신 분은 언제든 연락 주세요~

drkim81's picture

Shark will go to the forever home on this Sat.
Foster mom made a cushion for Shark. This is hand made one! :)
So lovely Shark, we are going to miss you.

clare_bell's picture

How lovely!! Shark is such a lucky kitty!!

drkim81's picture

These are pictures which I took yesterday.
We visited Jennifer's house with Shark. Jennifer also donated money for the shelter cats so we will keep it and use that money for the vet fee of the other shelter cats. Much thanks Jennifer!!!!
We really hope Shark is happy with her and boyfriend forever.

drkim81's picture

9th January, 2014
We visited Shark's house in the last month.
He is really huge now. haha