Aggie (one of Ruby's kittens)

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Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Updated 30th July, 2013 by Suyoun Kim
Aggie has been adopted and 5 kittens are still waiting for the adoption.
I'm going to make a profile for each kittens so this profile will be moved to the Adopted section.
Please keep watching Ruby's kittens~ <3

UPDATE: June 15

Congratulations Aggie! Aggie has been adopted. But Heggie, Opal, Pearl, Comet and Peewee are still seeking forever homes. If you're thinking of adopting a kitten, please consider giving these adorable fluffballs a chance in life.


Meet Ruby's kittens - Heggie, Opal, Pearl, Comet, Peewee and Aggie!

Opal, Pearl, Heggie and Peewee are female; Comet and Aggie are male.

These gorgeous little ragamuffins came to Asan shelter from Seoul with their mother Ruby ( some time ago. They have now come of age (9-12 weeks of age), are weened and ready to be adopted! Last weekend (June 2) they each received their first rounds of vaccinations.

These six little beans began out as sweet friendly little balls of fluff but during a volunteer hiatus at the shelter due to a distemper outbreak amongst the dogs these guys missed out on some crucial socialisation and interaction with people at an important time during in their early social development so have recently become more withdrawn and a little scared of people. Though luckily they're all hiss and no bite and can be handled. Having said this, these guys are no loss cause and seeing similar if not more fearful kitties at the shelter enter foster and adoptive homes and transforming into playful,friendly and affectionate adorable little lovebugs gives me hope that these poppets are just in need of some kind, patient and understanding individual and/or family that can give them each the attention and love they deserve. If you're thinking of fostering or adopting a kitten, why not give one of these scaredy shelter kittens a chance and go in life?

If you're interested in FOSTERING or ADOPTING please read the fostering or adoption guidelines first and then submit a completed application form to Daisy at [email protected].

Fostering Guidelines >>>
Adoption Guidelines >>>
Fostering/Adoption Application >>>

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Lucky Aggie has an adoption pending! An incredibly kind and understanding couple visited Aggie last weekend and are willing to give him a chance. They spent much time with the kittens and showed incredible patience with Aggie who even began warm up to their company, more than the other kittens, which gives me a glimmer of hope that he just needs to a bit of love and attention. Fingers crossed for Aggie!

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Congratulations Aggie!! Aggie was adopted on the weekend. From his new family on his first night in his new home:

" Aggie did really well last night. He's very skiddish in the house but he's warming up to us. He enjoys being loved on and even started purring for us but he's torn between purring and meewing. He's so vocal!... He just needs time but he's coming around."

Best wishes for your new life Aggie!

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Aggie is settling well into his new home!! After a few days, this once timid kitten has opened up and now spends much time snuggling with his new family. He loves his toys and running around the house, his antics always charming everyone who meets him, including the vet. It goes to show, given the chance and a little patience, a shy kitten can come out of their shell.

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Congrats to Aggie on finding a home!!

Could you move this listing to the "Adopted" section and write new profiles for the kittens who are still looking for homes?

I've recently added new guidelines about listing groups of animals on ARK because group listings can get confusing.
Please see:

Thank you!

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Got it. Thanks! :)

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Thank you!