Que (Q)

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Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black & White
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: Congratulations to Q on being welcomed to his permanent home. He moved in with a wonderfully caring young lady tonight.

Update: Que is still looking for his forever home. He enjoys and requests cuddling and petting more and more as he continues to get more comfortable here. However, often he is just content being nearby: sitting on the opposite end of the couch or laying on the floor in front of us as we watch tv. He also likes sitting in front of the bathroom door whenever someone goes in to make sure they emerge safely.

Update: After two weeks here Que has fully settled in. He doesn't require heaps of physical contact but he loves sprawling against a wall with his stomach up when he is looking for some belly rubbing. Of course, he still loves playing as well. He can play alone quite contentedly for long periods of time. He also enjoys playing with his brother and humans. He's adjusted to the new weird humans in his life so he spends less time studying us. But anyone he can see outside the windows keeps his intellectual curiosity engaged.

He's made a successful transition to a new foster home. He tried to be unseen for the first few days but his curiosity and love of toys drew him out. After 5 days here he is still not eager for direct physical contact. But he loves sitting a foot or two away and watching intently whoever is around, even if they are not doing anything interesting. When he's not busy studying humans, he loves to play. The little crinkly ball of foil remains his favorite toy. Just the sound of it will often bring him out from wherever he may be.

He's also very quiet. His brother, Boss, will meow when he's looking for someone or wants something. But Q sticks with silence for the most part.

He survived the journey to GUMI! Actually, he handled it pretty well. Cried for the first five minutes before snuggling up around my shoulders and passing out. His little snores in my ear were quite relaxing as I drove :)

So, with him being such a good passenger I would be more than willing to drive him to you! Though I love him to pieces my apartment is much smaller than the last one and he needs to go. Ah, I hate saying it. Please help Que find a new home!! :)
A little video I took of him last week :)

I'm moving in about a week so I'd really like to have him on his way into a new home before then. I know it's pretty fast but it will be hard to move him along with three other cats to Gumi.
He is a very sweet cat! He has all of his claws but never uses them.

HE IS SO HUGE!!! I just got back from vacation and walked in the door expecting to see the baby I left behind only to see a shy teenager!! His tail is super super adorable, a little fluff ball at the base of his spine, and he's just as beautiful as ever. He was a hit with his cat-sitters. Read the comment below from the girl who watched him while I was away (so you know I'm not making it all up :D)
He's about 12 weeks old and such a darling. Very calm compared to his brother and other kittens I've had. Don't let that fool you! He's as clever as they come and he can find his way into anything (including hearts). He still has an independent side of him which tells me he'd do well in a single-cat household. Because he's so calm he might do well around other cats but he'd probably not be the dominant one of the pair. I haven't had him around dogs of any kind but I'm sure after time he'd get along just fine.
I'll be on vacation until the 8th of August so he won't really be available for adoption until after that. I will, of course, still be accepting applications and can communicate through email if you have any questions.

Sadly, the adoption fell through again. Poor guy can't get a break. However, I didn't break the news to him that he was going on a bus this weekend so his every day life hasn't been affected. He has a favorite toy now, a little ball of foil that makes a crinkling noise when he bites it. He's in love. Last night he was going crazy throwing it around and chasing after it. He wouldn't let his brother or the other cats play with it. When I woke up he was sleeping with his paws wrapped tightly around it. He will for sure be going to his forever home with that toy :) I wish I had taken a picture!

Just talked to someone who is interested in adopting Q! If everything goes alright he should be in his new home by Sunday! YAY!!!
We took a little trip to Daegu in hopes that the person interested in him would be willing to adopt. Sadly, she was a no show.
However, I learned that he actually travels pretty well. If he's not in his carrier and on your lap he'll even go as far as to start purring! Of course we figured this out after about 20 minutes of constant crying. He just needed physical contact to let him know he was safe. Such a sweety!! His life has to be so hard sometimes. He was obviously telling me he didn't like his carrier and I just didn't understand him. Thankfully he was "patient" with me.

So he still needs a foster or forever home. Maybe we'll have better luck next time! I know once someone meets him they'll fall instantly in love!

I'm surprised at the lack of offers for this sweet angel! I know that it's kitten season and there are a lot that needs homes but...come on!! LOOK AT HIM!! His beauty mark gives him a high-class look yet he doesn't mind gettin' down and dirty during play time. He doesn't mind baths and is very sweet tempered! He'd be great for someone who needs that companion during the night. He's pretty independent so he'd even be great as an only cat. I hope he finds his forever home soon!!

A gentle soul!! He is a super calm and wonderful kitten. He loves his play time but he is probably one of the most gentle kittens I've met. He still doesn't like being held (he doesn't bite or scratch, he just wiggles) but if you let him on your shoulder he's content. He adapts to any situation and is clever enough to get himself out of some tight situations. Just last night he got "trapped" under one of the boxes I leave out for them to play in. He meowed for a bit but once his brother got off of it he was able to escape.

He is very quiet even when he is waiting for his food. He doesn't beg! Actually, he is a great kitten and will be an amazing cat one day!

After getting to know this little guy better I'd have to say he is the calmer of the two. This is a surprise since he's also the bigger one and could really throw his weight around and dominate his brother. He's got a sweet and winning personality. He plays gently and rarely bites or scratches. A really great kitten!! I think he'd be great in a house with kids or even on his own. He has an independent streak. He can play with virtually anything. Yesterday he was playing with the cardboard conatiner that held my yogurt cups. He liked "jumping" thorugh the holes. So cute!!

I know it's a little early for an update but I uploaded a video I thought you all should see. Also, I kind of need him to have a home by August. I'm moving to a different city and four cats is a little difficult to move. I can do it!! I'd just prefer it if they were settled in their new home before the trauma of moving.

He loves 4:30 wake ups...I'm hoping he will soon stop and learn that it isn't a good time to wake up. :) He is super adorable and a fast learner. A good eater and very food motivated. He only meows for breakfast. :D

I obtained him through a few of my students that I found playing with a box of kittens on a sunny Sunday afternoon. After inquiring about where they got them and their future plans I found myself taking two of them home with me.
Que is one of the two I have up for adoption!!

When I got him he was very skinny and dirty. The vet said he was in perfect health (except for being skinny).
I chose his name because he is a mischievous little guy and I just finished watching all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also just happens to have a mark on his back in the shape of a Q. So...Que is also for "Q"uestion.

He is a great little guy. Perfect for a home with no cats or with cats. He is pretty independent and likes things done his way. He only meows during feeding time or when one of my cats gets a little rough with him. Don't worry!! My cats are experts when it comes to taking care of kittens :)

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care


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Estimated age is 7 weeks :D

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He is definitely one heck of a sweetie! Hope you find something REALLY great for him!! :)

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I sent an email a few days ago with no response.

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I'm sorry, I didn't get it!! I'll post a different email address. [email protected]

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I sent you another email to the other address ^^

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Thanks!! I think I got it :)

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Right now I am cat sitting for the foster mom and have loved playing with Q and his brother. Q is very quiet (except when it's time to be fed^^) and is very affectionate. He's never tried to bite or scratch even when I held him while a friend was waving around a cat toy~
Whoever gets this little guy will be very lucky!

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Have you still got these two adorable boys? How soon do they need to be in their new home?

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I do :) They have grown so much!! It isn't crazy urgent that they get a foster home and I'd never ever ever send them to a shelter (no offense against shelters). I just wouldn't sleep well at night!!
I do have a couple interested in fostering the both of them. :D Might be as soon as tomorrow.