Kyo the Great!

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Leash trained
  • Litter trained
  • Crate trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Meet little Pia. Pia is one of Lady's baby kittens, however now he is a whopping 12 weeks old! He was originally adopted a few weeks ago by a couple I thought would give him the best possible home. They passed the adoption application and screening and sent numerous updates. However, they turned out to be awful. Pia was neglected and accused of being sickly, so I took him back.

Fortunately for Pia, he was returned to a loving environment that cured his sickness (kittens need to be dewormed monthly, duh!) and gave him back the affection that he desperately craves. Pia is a sweet little guy who loves nothing more than to be the center of your attention. He is constantly purring and enjoys to cuddle up on your warm lap. Pia also loves to play with toys and to explore around. He has been coming more and more out of his shell as the days go by.

Pia is a little underweight right now because he had intestinal worms that hurt his tummy so he wasn't eating much and crying a lot in his "adopted" home. Now that he has been dewormed and has been given good quality food, he has been eating graciously like a little piggy! Also, even though his tummy hurt and he had massive bouts of diarrhea, he ALWAYS managed to make it inside his litter box EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Now, Pia is quite healthy, up to date on his vaccines (he still has about 1-2 more series of vaccines to complete), and should be able to get neutered in a few weeks (once his little testicles fully descend).

17 June 2013

Pia (now named Kyo) has officially gone into foster care. I took him to his awesome new foster mum and doggy foster sister last Tuesday! He has been settling in quite nicely. He has easily made himself right at home.

This is what his lovely foster mum said:

"My foster Pia (Kyo) is the most well adjusted kitten I have ever seen. He is quiet, healthy appetite,doesn't chew/scratch things he shouldn't, 100% litter trained and humans are his favourite thing. He purrs when he sees me and is happy to have ears/eyes/paws checked. Plus he is super cute! Want an easy kitten? and heres a video of him letting me play with his paws, not sure if you can hear it but he was purring ^^

24 June 2013

Kyo is flourishing in foster care! He is learning what it means to be a good house kitty. He loves to snuggle, get pets, and play with his abundance of toys. He has even learned the art of silent meows (he can meow, but chooses not to).

Here is what his lovely foster mum has to say about little Kyo:

"Also, he is now night-time trained. He sleeps in a separate room with a tonne of toys, some water, his dinner, a bed and his litter tray. I always give him his last meal when I'm about to get into bed so that he knows that it's quiet time. He is absolutely silent now, only starts meowing at 7.30 when he hears my alarm go off. I don't give him his breakfast until I'm ready to leave for work so that he doesn't associate getting up with eating or he would no doubt be more vocal about me waking up.
...He's super cute, responds to his name and is very eager to give me baths in return for ear scritches He follows me everywhere like a shadow, purring away."

Check out these videos of Kyo playing with his doggy foster sister, Panda :)




18 July 2013

Kyo is growing into such a playful and cuddly kitty. He gets along so well with other cats and even dogs! Kyo and his doggy foster sister love to play together. He also loves cuddle time with his foster mum. He will lay in her lap and give her lots of kisses.

Kyo also went to the vet recently for his next round of vaccinations, so he is on his way to being fully vaccinated. He was quite for the most part, but just like the majority of cats, he did cry when he received his vaccines. Kyo is not picky either. He is a go with flow type of kitten. This is what his foster mum had to say:
"He still has a really healthy appetite but he is good about only eating what he is supposed to...and he uses the litter no matter where I move it to or what type of litter I use."

8 August 2013

Kyo is now LEASH trained!!! How many people have cats that are trained to walk outside on a leash?! Look at him go!

19 September 2013

Kyo was neutered last week! He is healing very well and doesn't even miss those pesky baby makers :) Don't miss out on adopting this cuddly, awesome Kitty! He is the BEST!

9 October 2013

Kyo will be going into his potential adoptive home for a trial period on Saturday! Good luck, Kyo!!!

18 October 2013

Kyo finally got what he deserved! He is now all settled in to his new FUREVER home! Have fun with your new mom, dad, and human brother, Kyo!!!

Please consider adopting Kyo. He is such a wonderful boy and would love to have a home of his very own!

If you or someone you know wants to foster or adopt Kyo, please send in a COMPLETE adoption application to the contact information! Spread the word!

Adoption Fee: ₩80,000
Location: Uijeongbu - 의정부
Living Situation: Other circumstance


Hunt's picture

Oh, shame for the baby boy. Glad they at least returned him to your care!

marlajoy's picture

Aw, poor sweetie! Hopefully he finds a real forever home soon! :)

zoeksk's picture some new photos of Kyo- he is now leash trained and really loves playing in the grass with Panda on my roof (don't worry my roof is 150% safe and sealed off)