Fabulous 5

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Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Unknown
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Crate trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Introducing...the Fabulous Five: a calico, an orange and white tabby, and three black and white babies.

These five adorable cuties came to me when they were a whopping 3 and 1/2 weeks old! Unfortunately, there was no mama in sight for a while because these babies were just screaming away when someone picked them up. Luckily, we got them just in time. Due to their age (they are only about 4~4 and 1/2 weeks right now) it was kind of touch and go, more so with the two runts, however, we feel pretty good that all five are going to make it. They are all eating the formula REALLY well and have even started going to the bathroom on their own (they still need a little help sometimes). They are becoming more and more mobile as the days progress and are about to be introduced to a little litter box.

All five kittens have been in good health thus far and are continuing to improve every day. Their wonderful foster mom updates me multiple times a day to let me know how they are doing. They aren't going to be ready for forever or even foster homes just yet, but because their current foster home is very temporary, I wanted to get the word out!

8 June 2013

The kittens are getting so big! They have even been trying out some delicious kitten gruel (Royal Canin baby cat dry food soaked and mashed in the formula) and they LOVE it! The orange kitten loves to tummy flop into the bowl and lie there until he/she is finished eating. It is still a fairly new process to them, so they are still drinking the formula as well to make sure they are getting enough to eat. Additionally, the kittens have started urinating and defecating on their own! They have been introduced to a litter box and are quite intrigued about it. Thankfully, they haven't been eating the litter (they were trying to eat the paper pieces that we tried at first) and are beginning to master the art of doing their business inside the box.

Two days ago the kittens all visited to vet again. We were worried because two of the kittens had become constipated and weren't feeling too well. They vet gave them a shot and a bit of medicine (essentially a laxative) to get them to go again. However, the medicine can only be given for a little bit because the kittens run the risk of becoming reliant on the medicine for them to poo. Another thing that has us worried is that one/two of the kittens have started to suck on the others, especially on the genitals. There are two kittens that swollen genitals, so they have been disinfected with some medicated wipes and given an ointment to help. We are debating if it is best to separate one of the kittens from the rest, but we are worried that the health of the separated one will deteriorate.

Anyways, in happier news, the kittens are becoming much more independent and adventurous. They scurry and jump at the edge of the bathtub when someone walks into the room. They are so excited to see people (probably because they are hoping to be fed...lol!) that they try to pull the other kittens out of their way! They are all coming into their little personalities quite nicely, and will be getting names of their very own soon!

17 June 2013

The kittens are GROWING!!!! The orange tabby, calico, and one of the tuxedo kittens are thriving quite nicely. They have healthy appetites and love to play. The other tuxedo kitten and the half face tuxedo kittens are definitely the runts out of the litter. The bigger three had been pushing them out of the way and were too rough when they played with the other two. They had even begun to suck on the small black and white one again. We became very concerned with the tiniest tuxedo kitten, so I quickly took him to the vet. His genitals became swollen from being sucked on again plus it was discovered that his lower intestines are having a difficult time absorbing what little amount of nutrients he was ingesting. So, that little guy received two injections as well as a weeks worth of medicine. Additionally, we decided to separate the two smaller ones from the three bigger ones. Now they are all doing much better! The two smaller ones are now eating way more than they ever had before, and the little tuxedo kitten is finally beginning to gain weight!

The kittens are officially using the litter box on their own and are devouring their kitten gruel and are no longer eating just formula. They are even being introduced to just the dry food. Surprisingly enough, the two smaller kittens are more apt to eat the dry food, whereas the bigger kittens are being lazy and prefer the mush. Hopefully, by next week, the bigger kittens will be weened off of the milk completely, and if all goes well with the two smaller kittens, then they will be weened not too long after that.

Within the next two weeks, the kittens will be ready for their new foster/adoptive homes. Their current foster family was only meant to be an emergency foster home and they are getting ready to head back to the states in a few weeks, so the kittens will then be sent back to me. It is going to be imperative that they find foster homes because I have four dogs, and can't really take on the responsibility of five kittens.

19 June 2013

The kittens are all eating dry food now and they love it! We were expecting them to take a while to be weened off of the milk and gruel because they are a bit dramatic. However, they prefer the dry food surprisingly enough.

I am amazed at how quickly these kittens have adapted and overcame everything they have been through. There was an incredibly high risk of all of them not surviving. However, they are all super healthy (or successfully on their way to a full recovery) and will soon be ready for their own homes. I hope everyone enjoys the updated pictures!

24 June 2013

The kittens FINALLY have names of their very own! I know...it's about time! I decided to go with "Batman" themed names because...well...Batman is awesome! Sooo without further adieu...

The calico is now named Harley Quinn.
The orange tabby is now named Bane.
The 1/2 face kitten is now named Selena*** Harvey Dent (he was the inspiration for it all because he is the quintessential "Two Face").
The black and white kitten with the black arm patch is now named Alfred.
The other black and white kitten (runt) is now named Batman.
***It turns out little Harvey is a girl. Whoops :) Now her name is Selena!

2 July 2013

It's official! These babies are ready to be adopted!!!! Batman and Selena (aka Harvey Dent) are going to their forever home together on Saturday! I am super excited for them! Now we just need to get homes for Harley, Bane, and Alfred! How can you resist these little balls of energy and fur!

8 July 2013

Batman and Selena have had to post pone going to their new homes until this weekend, but they are enjoying spending a little more time with their brothers and sister. Harley (female calico), Bane (male orange tabby), and Alfred (male black and white with patch on his arm) are still looking for foster or furever homes! They are all growing like little weeds and they are all healthy! They will be going to the vet in a few days to start their vaccinations since they are old enough now!

I am desperately looking for homes for these little ones because thier current foster home is leaving Korea, and they are now at my house with my four dogs. They normally like dogs, but I have a high energy husky that freaks them out a bit.

If you are looking for a confident, independent little lady, then Harley is your gal. She is always the first one to investigate her surroundings. She was the first one to jump out of the bath tub and the first one to explore outside of the bathroom (all while the other kittens watched her). She is the one who sets the tone for the kittens. If she is wary about a situation, then the others become wary. If Harley hisses, then the other kittens will follow her lead.

Bane is a loyal companion. He is the right hand man to Harley. He follows Harley's lead and is always right behind her. He loves to lounge in his litter box and enjoys playing with his siblings. Bane (as well as his siblings) honestly needs to be socialized with people some more. They have relied so much on each other for companionship that they will cry out to one another when being held. We are trying to break them of this by making them spend time with people apart from each other as well as together. It is a slow process, but it would go much quicker if they had consistent homes.

Alfred is inbetween the two sets of kittens (the independent set...Harley and Bane and the reserved set...Batman and Selena whom are getting adopted). He can be content with just lounging around with his siblings, but at the same time, he is excited to get out there and explore. He truly is the best of both worlds!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one or more of these little cuties, please COMPLETELY fill out an adoption application and email it to the contact address. Thanks and spread the word!!!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Dongducheon - 동두천
Living Situation: In foster care


zoeksk's picture

So cute!!! I love how cats pile up on top of each other to sleep :)

megs's picture

zoeksk - me too! It's adorable. ^^

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Are any of them especially close or really bonded with any of the others?

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Hi we live in Osan and interested in adopting the little black and white one (the one w/o) the patch. When can we come and take a look?

sdiederich's picture

Hello, Somestoski. Please send an adoption application to the "Contact Information" above. If you can't find the application, then you can email me and I can send one to you.

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Congrats to finding homes for some of these cute kittens!!

Could you move this listing to the "Adopted" section now and write separate profiles for the ones who are still looking for homes?

I've recently added new guidelines about listing groups of animals on ARK because group listings can get confusing.
Please see Posting Tips > Listing Litters for more information. Thanks so much!

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Three adopted! That's great!