Danmuji (단무지) - Seowon

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Feral (wild)
Adoption Status: Adopted

I'm June 1 update!

Danmuji has been adopted! He and his brother Mu went to their new home on Saturday night!

Danmuji and his family, including mom Chamchi, came to my until I could find fosters for them. I've been told that there skin condition is just a result of malnutrition and that with regular diet they will be having shiny coats in no time! The two remaining kittens, Maru and Ban-ban, have become addicted to the mouse on the string, so much so that they would rather play mousey than go to sleep!! Mother Chamchi is doing well and she is teaching her children how to use the litter box, so soon they will have the hang of it, I think!
If you are interested in fostering/ adopting Danmuji's brothers, Maru or Ban-ban, or his mother Chamchi, please let me know!

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May 28
Danmuji is part of a litter of kittens born near Seowon University. Their mother, Chamchi, decided that a veranda at Seowon University would be a good place to keep the kittens, so they have been staying there for the past 4 weeks. The kittens (I think all boys) are between 6 and 7, maybe 8 weeks old now. They have been exposed to humans and have been handled, but not regularly so they are hesitant and will jump away if you approach too quickly.

Danmuji is the wildest one of the bunch, but is still pretty calm when I'm around. He's more frightened than the other kittens, but he has only hissed a few times when I've moved too suddenly. Even when I grab him from behind he usually doesn't scratch. His name means 'sweet radish' and it's the yellow radish slices that are served with spicy or oily foods in Korea. I gave him that name first because he's an orange cat and second because I know he could be sweet if he had a home and a loving owner. Danmuji is also the fiestiest of the kittens and he likes others to know when it's his turn to eat by growling. If given a regular meal schedule I'm sure he'd be more gentle when it's meal time.

All of the kittens have patches of hair missing but I believe it is due to their dirty living situation as the veranda isn't that clean. Their mother, Chamchi (who has her own listing and is available for foster/adoption!) is a very clean mother, but I think having 4 kittens in a such a dirty place is too much for her to handle, so sometimes she cleans them too much. I think this is the reason for the bald patches, but they should be looked at by a vet to make sure. Danmuji has almost no hair on both of his ears and one of his paws is also very patchy.

None of the kittens seem to have any respiratory illness and their faces look clean except the usual kitten gunk on the nose. With a bath and a light petting they should be shiny and new. I will post more pictures later, after that task is accomplished!

Because of their living conditions, I'm not sure if they aware of how to use a litter box, but their mother is as she tries to 'cover' her mess. I'm sure the kittens will readily adopt that habit once they have a proper litter box, since they've seen their mother do it many times.

They will be staying in the Veranda until Thursday, at which time one kitten will go home with me to keep and another kitten will go with a student from Seowon. The mother, Chamchi, and her two remaining kittens are desperately looking for a place to call their own and a human to call their owner. I will take Chamchi and the two remaining kittens with me to my home on Thursday, but I will most likely turn them over to a shelter over the weekend, after giving them a bath and socializing with them more. If you are at all interested in adopting or fostering Chamchi or her adorable kittens who just need a bit of love, please contact me as soon as possible, before they have to get moved to another city! Thanks! ~ Danielle

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Cheongju - 청주
Living Situation: Other circumstance