Nonna (formerly Chamchi-참치)

Nonna in her new house, on her own bed
Nonna in her new house, in her tunnel

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update - April 29, 2014 -
Lovely Chamchi has come a long way from when I found her at the university. She has been adopted by a lovely international couple who are spoiling her with a healthier diet and lots of love and attention. She has blossomed into a beauty and they are thrilled to have her join their family. Her new name is Nonna, and she is responding to it quite well.

As Nonna's previous owner, I am so happy to hear how well she is being treated and how much they love her already. I believe the couple who adopted her will take the best care of her and treat her like a queen.
Thank you Natalia and Sang Ho!
Update - February 14 -
Lovely Momma Chamchi has been neutered and healed nicely! The hair on her stomach is growing back nicely.

Knowing she won't go into heat again is a big relief, and if you want a mature cat that is loving and calm, Chamchi is your girl! She isn't whiney or bothersome, just waits to be petted. She greets me at the door and likes her cat naps like most cats.

Update - Nov. 11 -

Chamchi is getting used to the idea of staying in the house. She no longer meows at the window sometimes, like she used to. She is becoming more affectionate, also. When I come home she rubs against my legs and asks for a treat. Since I switched her food, she seems to have a healthier, softer coat and she enjoys it when I rub her belly or right behind her ears. She's definitely a house cat now, and she needs a home!

Before she finds a new home, I am trying to neuter her so that she (and her future owner) doesn't have to worry about her going into heat in the future.

If you are interested in helping me pay for her surgery, or if you would like to adopt her before the surgery, please contact me :)

Sept. 16 update!

Chamchi has been staying with me for awhile. She wasn't totally comfortable staying inside the house all the time, as she prefers to use the outside facilities. On one of her excursions awhile ago she had some 'fun' and I now have 5 additional kittens. The kittens are cute and I'm not very upset that they were born, but it is more work trying to find them homes.
I am trying to find owners for the new kittens, hoping that their adoption fee will pay for Chamchi to be neutered.

Chamchi is again showing what a wonderful mother she is.
June 6 Update!

I think the adoption of her two kittens has made Chamchi anxious. During the day she is pretty quiet, but at night when I'm home she is quite vocal about wanting to be let outside. I don't mind letting her outside, but I don't have a proper leash and I'm worried she'll run away. Also, I'm technically not supposed to have animals in my apartment, so the more vocal she is, the more worried I am about my landlady getting angry.

If anyone is able to foster Chamchi until we are able to find a permanent home, please contact me ASAP!

Thanks~ Danielle!
June 1 update!

Chamchi and family came to my house until I could find fosters for them. I've been told that there skin condition is just a result of malnutrition and that with regular diet they will be having shiny coats in no time! I am convinced Chamchi was previously owned because she had never shown any sign of fear at being in the house, she is litter trained and she knows water comes from the tap! Two kittens have been adopted already but the two remaining kittens, Maru and Ban-ban, take after their mother and have become addicted to the mouse on the string, so much so that they would rather play mousey than go to sleep!! Mother Chamchi is doing well and she is teaching her children how to use the litter box, so soon they will have the hang of it, I think.
Chamchi is a very relaxed housecat and she spends the whole day sleeping and playing with her children. She is still nursing, but the kittens are eating solid food and their teeth are getting sharp, so she will probably stop her milk soon.

If you would like to foster/ adopt Chamchi or her kittens, please contact me! ^^


May 28
Chamchi, which means 'Tuna', recently became a mother. I believe that Chamchi has either been owned previously or at least taken care of by humans before because she decided to bring her litter to a very human-crowded place: Seowon University in Cheongju! She had her four kittens outside the school grounds but moved them into a type of first-floor veranda to give them shade/protection when they were about 5 weeks, I think.

Chamchi is a very loving mother and she has no problems with humans picking up any of her four children (as long as they don't complain too loudly!) or picking her up. She is very nurturing and often stays in the veranda even when it's obvious that she's hot. She doesn't mind being held and she knows how to speak when she wants something. She enjoys being petted and she likes her back scratched. She has been able to persuade many students to buy her and her children tuna, which is where she gets her name from.

This week is the last week that Chamchi will be staying in the veranda as the kittens seem to be old enough now and Chamchi seems to be nursing less often. The owner of the veranda would like their space back, minus kittens and mother. I will take one kitten as my own and a student is planning to take another one, but we still need to find homes for the remaining two kittens and I would love for Chamchi to go to a loving home as she is obviously very used to humans or she would never be so friendly.

Chamchi and her kittens have some skin problems (missing hair in sections) but I believe it is just from living in the dirty veranda and Chamchi trying to keep everybody clean by bathing too much. It will need to be checked out by a vet, but I've had many cats in my life and I don't believe it is a skin condition.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Suwon - 수원
Living Situation: With owners


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Such pretty but sad looking kitties, and a worn out mother, I hope they go altogether to a foster and that they are homed 2 together, would be a happy ending. Poor mites but so lucky to be found by you helpers. Thanks for helping these animals.

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Poor girl, she really does look worn out. At least you're helping her! :)

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She looks SO much better!

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Hello, I hope Chamchi has found a foster home or a forever home, but if she is still looking for a foster home I may be able to foster, please contact me if this is the case.

[email protected]

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:))))))), thank you Danielle to updated Nonna Chamchi profile, and thank you to safe her life and now she with us, she look lost at her frets time she inter her pinky tunnel , don't worry guys if you would see her look now you will be laughing look like we are tenants and she is land lord , he he,she loves join party, she has character but she allows ne to do things like no any cat will accepted, clean her yers eyes treatment shower ,,,,we love her and she behave differently with me and husband , and her face is different depands hwo she stay with beside , lovely smart lady ,