Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

This little sweetheart was rescued on Wednesday May 15, 2013. Her and her brother and sister were all rescued at the same time. She is the SWEETEST little kitten. LOVES to play and explore and just all around a great kitty. She is 6-8 weeks old and completely litter trained. Haven't had a single accident since I've had her this past week. I have a 10 year old Pom that she absolutely adores and most of the time he loves her back :) So going to a home with dogs shouldn't be an issue. I would love to keep this little sweetheart forever but I'm leaving Korea for several months and moving across the country in the process so it's just not the right time for me right now. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me, Kristi at: kfreinig at gmail dot com

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Naju - 나주
Living Situation: In foster care