Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black & White
Adoption Status: Adopted

Brand new kittens in Jeonju! These kitties are only about 40 days old. All three of them are females. They are at the vets office in Seoshin-dong. Contact me for information! They are so sweet and cute and want to be in your family!

UPDATE 5-16- two of the kittens have been adopted!!! The black kitten is the only one left. She has a very, very outgoing personality. She's not shy at all! She wants to play and explore and talk you to right away! She has an umbilical hernia which will need a minor surgery in a few months but other than that, she's perfect!

UPDATE! Her vet performed the hernia surgery on her and she should be fully recovered by May 29th! She's ready for adoption and a new home!!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Jeonju - 전주
Living Situation: In a shelter


Amanda24601's picture

Hi Carrieb, what a cute bunch! My husband and I worked with Dr. Lee (I'm assuming that's the Seosin-dong vet you're working with) rescuing cats for about 3 yrs, but we moved away in September. So glad to see someone is helping out there! I just thought you might want to change the "needs foster home" status since that could get them into a more comfortable living situation sooner. Also, kitten season is about to explode and Dr. Lee will need all the space he can get. Take care!

carrieb's picture

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion! Yes I'm working with Dr Lee. He's the best! I'll tell him you said hello:)

Amanda24601's picture

Yes, please do! We really miss working with him. Actually we hope to move back in the fall. Best of luck and thank you for helping animals in need! Hope they find homes real soon!

Megan2024's picture

is the little back one still looking for a foster?

carrieb's picture

Yes she is!! She is still recovering from her surgery but she's all yours if you want her :)

Megan2024's picture

Messaged you :D My cell is 010 8221 2024