BoBae 보배


Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Exotic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Have had a few offers for Bobae in the past couple of days. WOW!! Currently we are going through the adoption process so hopefully after his vet check-up (he's been sneezing and I'm a worry-wort) he will be in his forever home!! You are all so amazing!!
Still amazing. I've taken off his sweater and found that he has quite a bit of hair growing. Looks like he'll need a good brushing! He has a little bit of a cold but the vet gave me some medicine so he should be feeling great soon. A great guy for someone who needs to be doted upon and loved constantly. He has so much love to give!!

Just a quick update. He's doing great. Very sweet and affectionate. My cat, Petey, has decided to start rushing him out of every room I'm in. I think he's a little jealous. Bobae takes it all in stride, though. He keeps coming back. Last night Petey finally gave up (for now) and let him sleep on the bed with us.
His fur is coming in nicely. I think he will require some brushing so it comes out nice and soft! He's finally looking like a normal cat :)

Just sorted out some minor behavioral problems. He just loves attention and was acting out by sometimes biting the cord to whatever I was plugged into (usually cellphone charger). It wasn't until a few days ago I realized WHY he was doing it. I was in the middle of petting him and stopped. It was his way of getting my attention. So far we've been on a Positive Reinforcement plan and he's stopped biting cords (or books) and just lightly paws at me. This, of course, wins him pets and not my outraged gasp. Positive Reinforcement for the WIN!

He is doing great! I've learned that I have to clean out his eyes. I just use some warm water and a soft dish towel and he's great. He doesn't like it but if he gets some pets during it he'll stay still. Seriously, this guy loves being pet!! At first he was a little shy and submissive towards my other cats. Now he sasses back! It's so funny.

Please consider adopting him! Such a great guy!

He's at my home and my siamese has, of course, taken him under his wing. Bobae is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Adorable. I used to think cats with his face (the flat face) were kind of ugly (sorry) but he has totally won my undying love. He snorts when he's excited. He snorts when he is getting pet. And...he has a sweet spot. Adopt him and I'll show you where it is. HA HA HA.
He sticks out his tongue and licks the air when you hit it JUST right. HA HA HA. SO cute!

Update 2/5
Please considering fostering or adopting BoBae!! I can deliver him to your city or to a major city near you. <3

I feel like I'm fostering ET's love child. His hair cut is crazy funny to me. I met him when he was covered in fur so I know he will look normal again. He makes funny grunting noises when he breathes. I thought for a while that he might disturb my sleep but it didn't. In fact, he's a quiet sleeper. He only makes noises when he's excited--which is whenever there is a hand free to pet him.

Update 2/4
I've decided to be a step-in foster but I really cannot have three cats in my apartment for long. Please consider fostering or adopting this cuddly lion!! :)

His current fosters need to rehome him ASAP! He works pretty well with their puppy but has taken over everything. He needs to go to a home where he has access to you. He is super affectionate and expects to be beside you when you sleep. If not...he spays :(

Update 1/22
Weight: 6 kg (WOW)

Eye info:
When he was little he had cat flu. The virus infected his eye therefore they appear cloudy. He is more prone to catch it but it can be prevented with L-lysine. It's a gel you put on his paws and he licks it up. Basically vitamins so he doesn't catch the flu again. It only reoccurs in the winter or cold season of the year.

When he is stressed he sheds so the vet will give him a shave before rehoming him. That's to prevent the new home being covered in orange/white fur in the first couple of days.

He has a temporary foster...until March.

Bobae (보배)~ Orange (Like Garfield!!) His name means Treasure/Jewel. NOT SHY. Male, Neutered, 5 or 6 years old. Very sweet and affectionate. He was sick as a baby and it infected his eyes...he can see but his eyes appear a little cloudy. The vet assured me he is a healthy guy. Because of his nose (and his breed) he might be a little more prone to colds but a safe and warm home can prevent that :)

He is one of five cats that were dropped off at the local vet's office. His previous owners are old and very ill. The family didn't want to take care of the cats so they decided to get rid of them :(
I live in Andong (about an hour and a half away from Daegu. 3 hours from Seoul).

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Andong - 안동
Living Situation: Other circumstance


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the pictures looked better on my computer :(

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He has a temporary foster home until March! YAY!!!

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More information about the breed :)

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he was recently shaved...usually he's fluffy.

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Omgosh such a cute kitty!!
When i look at the pictures i think. " where is his nose?" hehe
so chubby like my cat! ^^

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Yeah :) It is so so so so small!! :)

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Cute video of him purring and begging for love <3

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When I say "deliver" I don't mean in the mail >.> I hope you all knew that. lol

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Hahaha, Kittycat, I cracked up when I read "ET's love child" - he does kinda look like that. Any luck with BoBae? I forget, was he having problems with the dog? I really hope someone can help this fella out. If I was old and infirmed and my children got rid of my pets for no good reason, I'd probably give them a few wacks of my cane and write them out of my will.

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he kind of ignored the dog...I have some offers to take over fostering and maybe even an adoption on the horizon.

Seriously, my kids would never be too old for a whoopin' and that's what they'd get from me if they took my furry babies away from me.

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Bobae has been adopted by a wonderful lady in Seoul. I know they will be happy together!! :)