Bhumi // 브미

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Siamese
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: January 19

Bhumi is off to his new forever home with Richard and his one eyed cat Ooyoo who's formerly from Nabiya!!! Many thanks again Richard for giving Bhumi a new life! Bhumi, it was such a pleasure to meet you, we grew to be very fond of you and I'm really going to miss our morning snuggles together but I'm glad to know you'll be in a wonderful home with human and cat company to spoil you!


UPDATE: January 14

Bhumi received a visitor on the weekend who's interested in giving him a forever home! Not surprisingly, Bhumi switched on his charm and it looks like he'll be off to a new home with a one eyed brother kitty to play with this weekend! Yay!!! Bhumi is also due for his second round of vaccinations tomorrow.


UPDATE: December 30

Bhumi is thriving in foster care! He's such a super cat!

Slowly over a few days we held supervised introduction meetings between our own cat Hobbes and Bhumi. From the beginning their meows were friendly, playful and curious and NEVER aggressive, though Bhumi liked to nip Hobbes on the neck a little. They were playfully cautious of each other in the beginning, calling each others bluff with their advances and chases, having a few playful tussles to suss out each other and even though sensing Bhumi's own need to claim a territory with his raging hormones, Bhumi was quite respectful but still a little cheeky! Bhumi today had tried multiple times to take Hobbes favorite place, a chair in the sun, and was being a little bit of a jerk about it, but now they're happily sharing it together, Hobbes even grooming Bhumi as they settled down together!! With a certain understanding, they really love to be in the same room together, and if one can't spy the other, they call out to locate each other. No doubt Bhumi would definitely benefit from being in a home with the company of other cats. Bhumi has also become more and more affectionate with us, constantly seeking out our affections, asking for head kisses and chin scratches and rolling on the floor for a belly rub or too. So, because he craves the company of both cats and people, he would really ideally suit someone or a family who has a lot of time and love to give!

Also, Bhumi is also a back cat! He loves to lay on my back while I'm sleeping in bed!! He also enjoys snuggling and is the happiest under the covers, where he purrs so contently!

Lastly, we discovered Bhumi LOVES rolling in cat nip! Can't get enough of the stuff!

UPDATE: December 26

Bhumi had a health check at the vets today and he's one healthy cat!! He also received his first round of vaccinations and heartworm. Currently he has been sniffling and sneezing slightly, so he'll also be taking some medication to treat this mild cold for the next three days. And next week he is booked for his neutering!! I might add Bhumi is one very chilled out cat when traveling in his carrier, not a peep, just happy to observe all the street happenings!


This regal seal point Siamese named honorably and accordingly after the Thai king himself is a kitty who has strangely ended up at Asan shelter. He was observed roaming the streets around a nearby University, most likely the result of an impulse buy and discarded when it was time for students to go home for the holidays, but luckily a kind-hearted soul observed and fed him from afar for some time before managing to bundle him up and take him out of the now subzero elements.

Currently he is in foster care with myself and is lapping up in wonderment delicious food, warm ondols and a cosy bed as well as endless supply of cuddles and head kisses from us! He really cannot get enough! Bhumi is still rather young, unneutered, a little bit on the thin side but quite healthy. I have plans to take him to the vet this week to check his health status, organise his neutering and vaccinations in order to get him into a wonderful forever home ASAP! The adoption fee is a little more than usual for Asan cats, but it's to help cover some of these costs.

Bhumi is a super friendly, talkative, incredibly affectionate and gentle kitty. He was one of the lucky ones to get out from the cold at the shelter before this Christmas but it would be even more wonderful to give this handsome sweetheart the best loving family for the new year! Ideally he would suit a home already with cats as Siamese require plenty of social stimulation. Please consider welcoming Bhumi into your life!

If you're interested in meeting and/or adopting Bhumi please contact Daisy at [email protected].

ADOPTION APPLICATIONS can be found here >>> Please send the completed form to [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩80,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


marlajoy's picture

Having grown up around Siamese cats I can say they make the most wonderful cat companions! They are extremely smart, super affectionate, very social and usually form super strong bonds with their primary caregiver. Because of these traits, it is definitely important to provide a stable home for them and provide them with appropriate places to explore, scratch and play while you are away (better yet, an animal companion). They need the stimulation. If left alone for long periods of time without stimulation or animal companions, expect to hear (and see) complaints about it because Siamese like to talk! :) This is just speaking generally though. All animals are individuals. I've never met Bhumi though I wish I had the space for him!! :)

dbis's picture

Marla!!! Bhumi's definitely a typical Siamese; super smart, VERY VERY affectionate - he grabs your shoulders to hug you!! - curious and sociable! My own cat Hobbes and him have the funniest chatty cat conversations, very playful, but because Bhumi isn't neutered yet, he's starting to get a little randy and 'excitable' every time he encounters Hobbes (his hormones seem to be communicating that Hobbes is a potential mate!), so currently they're chatting through the door. Have to get a video, very cute! But I can't wait for him to recover so they can spend some quality time together, Hobbes is rather eager to play! Bhumi will no doubt make a fantastic companion but I agree, he will need a stable stimulating environment. Currently he can't get enough of his scratching post and our cuddles!

PAYNE's picture

I would love to adopt Bhumi, but we are so far away from Asan and a lot of the other shelters!

dbis's picture

Hobbes the grooming servant to King Bhumi!


marlajoy's picture

Looks like Bhumi is doing WONDERFULLY!! So great that he and Hobbes have decided to be buddies! Thanks for all you are doing for Asan cats!!! :)

dbis's picture

Thanks for your support Marla!! Fostering Bhumi has really been a wonderful experience and it's going to be hard to give him up, he has a forever home waiting in the wings! Siamese cats are really amazing cats, I'm gonna miss my morning snuggles with him!

marlajoy's picture

Oh wow! That's great news! Whoever gets Bhumi will be super, super lucky!! :)