Cleo the Cat in Korea
Cleo ChillingCleo StudyingCleo Studying Like Cayce

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Cleo is a loveable tortoiseshell cat who loves to cuddle. She was found wandering but was obviously in a home previous to being lost or abandoned because she very much likes attention and doesn't mind being handled. She is quite playful and gentle as well; I believe she would make a good companion for almost anyone, including kids.

The Rescue Story: I was walking on the hill between Okpo and Deokpo on Geoje Island. I had my headphones on so I didn't hear the cat right away but I did see her. She was on the sidewalk where there were a lot of other people. I found it strange that she was so close to people on the sidewalk. I spoke to her and she spoke back. When I bent down to her and spoke again, she crawled right onto my legs and into my arms. This was definitely not a typical streetcat!

I carried her for a bit then she squirmed to get out of my arms. With a little coaxing from me, she followed me down the rest of the mountain and all the way to my place (another 20-25 minute walk).

Cleo has a very distinctive personality. She doesn't waste time sitting on my lap or on top of me when I sleep; she demands a certain amount of attention.

She's litter trained and she doesn't scratch other things except the scratching post/tower I have. She has a funny way of drinking water - watch the attached video! :-) She has a favorite toy - a fake flower made of something like pipe-cleaners. She loves it when you wave it across the floor then send it flying - she goes flying too! It seems to be her favorite game. Lately she's been very crafty and has been able to unzip my makeup case and take out my favorite hair ties (which have become her new favorite toys!). She's a sly, smart gal.

I have advertised on a couple local Facebook group pages as well as in a local English newsletter in Geoje. So far this has not turned up any previous owners or potential adopters. I have also put up some English/Korean posters in my area.

UPDATE: Cleo is now spayed and totally recovered. She doesn't like being picked up much anymore but she's still super cuddly and loves to sit or sleep on me. She gives little bites (I call it a love bite!) that are quite harmless. She is still in need of a good home. The 150,000 won fee is to cover half of what I paid for the spaying procedure (total cost was over 300,000 won). You will also get any food and supplies I have as well as the cat scratching tower (seen in the photos).

Videos of Cleo:

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Geoje - 거제
Living Situation: Boarding


megs's picture

Aww! It's great you're helping her out. She looks really sweet and mellow.

marlajoy's picture

Oh wow! I've seen cats play with water like that but never drink like that all the time! It made me smile! :)

shellyvv's picture

My cat drinks water in exactly the same way! SO cute. Hope she gets adopted soon ;O)

megs's picture

Good for you with getting her spayed! You have a really big heart. Don't give up with potential adopters, someone will fall in love with her, I'm sure of that. :)

clare_bell's picture

Thank you so much for all you've done for her! :)

Just checking - it says that she needs a foster home. Are you unable to foster her until she finds her forever home?

FionaT's picture

Hi Clare, I am able to foster her for now. I am leaving Korea in about 3 months so that's the max time I can keep her. If she's still not adopted by then, she'll need a foster.

clare_bell's picture

Thanks Fiona! That's great :) I will share her on my FB, for sure! I also know someone who maaaay be interested in fostering.

megs's picture

Hey, I just saw that Cleo was adopted! That's wonderful news!