Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
Adoption Status: Adopted

The kitty has been adopted by a nice couple named Julianne and Jason!! Her situation worked out better than I thought it would. I am still very sad to let her go but I think she will be happy with her new family :)

I found a stray kitten in Pyeongtaek this last weekend in the Hapjeong-dong area near KDB Bank. She needs a foster home badly. I have had a Korean friend make a posting about her on a Korean site for lost animals in the area. I am not allowed to have animals in my apartment and I'm very worried the landlord will hear her. She is a very sweet kitty, about 3 months old (I think), and very energetic. She loves to sit on my lap and purr, and sometimes will follow me around and try to climb up my leg so she can sit on my lap. She was very frightened at first and wouldn't let me touch her, but she soon warmed up to me and is more relaxed; however, she is very noisy and meows really loudly whenever I leave the room. If I leave her in another room with the door shut, she cries when she hears me moving around in the apartment. When I go to bed she is quieter, possibly because she thinks I'm gone.

I have a small litter box in my apartment that she has been using, but she did pee on my bed the first day I had her. She hasn't done it since then and seems to have learned to use the litter box. I haven't had a chance to take her to the vet yet but I have a Korean friend who works in a vet's office and she is going to give me a heartworm pill for the kitty today or tomorrow.

I really wish I could keep her :( It's breaking my heart just to post about her on here because I want her to stay with me so badly, but my apartment is leased under my future Korean mother-in-law's name and she has told me that she will not allow me to have a cat (even though she never comes to the apartment and would never see it anyway >.<). I feel like I can't defy her on this, considering all the work she did to find me the apartment and the fact that she paid the deposit money on the place.

Please let me know if you can foster this little kitty ASAP! Every day that she spends with me feels more painful because I'm getting attached to her and I know how much harder it will be to give her away :(

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Pyeongtaek - 평택
Living Situation: Other circumstance


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What a beauty!