Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Crate trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: April 6

Shadow has been adopted! He has charmed his way into the hearts and lives of one very kind loving family! Congrats Shadow!


UPDATE: March 28

Shadow's minder has fallen in love and is considering adopting him! After a month together they have formed a very close bond so she wants to trial adopting him for another week when her mother returns to Korea this weekend. She has taken excellent care of him while I have been away and it's wonderful to know they have also formed a close relationship and trust with each other. Fingers crossed all goes well with living with her mother! Nevertheless, if it doesn't there are a couple of encouraging applicants also waiting in the wings to meet and further consider adopting Shadow. So for now, I will state Shadow's adoption as 'pending'.

UPDATE: March 16

Shadow has been staying at a friend's house while I was away for a couple of weeks and while I'm currently catsitting another friends cat. It was good to see how he would adapt to a new environment, new people, a place with no other cats etc. Shadow did amazingly well, bonded quickly with my friend, and adapted really well without other cats. He continues to be his playful mischievous self, loves to snuggle and curl up and purr on your lap. As soon as I get my paycheck he'll be off to the vets for neutering and vaccinating. Please consider giving this wonderful boy a forever home!


UPDATE: February 16

What an incredibly affectionate adorable cat Shadow has become!!!! He continues to enjoying snuggling on your lap, in your arms, in your neck, under the covers while you're sleeping and with our cat Hobbes. The last week or so has seen Shadow start to enter puberty; he's meowing more and loudly, he's bouncing of walls at night and has started to display some destructive behaviours, like shredding some very important papers up!!! So it will be snip-snip time for Shadow sometime this or next week. After neutering Shadow will no doubt settle down. Nevertheless Shadow has become an amazing little cat and would make a fantastic companion and family member! Please consider giving this handsome snugglebug a loving home!


UPDATE: February 9

Sweet mischievous Shadow has really come a long way from the first time I met him. He's come out of his shell exponentially, has developed much confidence and now seeks much attention from people rather than with our other cat Hobbes which makes me think that he'll do ok in a home with or without other cats, as long as his human companion has plenty plenty of love and attention to give him!

Shadow loves to;

* ...cuddle and be cuddled! - once you pick him up, his little loud motor kicks in and he'll crawl up to your shoulders and bury his head in the crook of your neck!!!! He also loves to do this when we're sleeping as well as crawling under the blankets on these crisp mornings for some snuggle time! So very cute ^^

* ...jump onto and sleep on my lap now! Shadow has this habit of spontaneously 'flopping' and rolling around when he feels good, including on your lap!


* ...answers to 'yum yum' when it's dinner time!

Now that he's maturing we will hopefully get him neutered and get his first round of vaccinations in the coming weeks. I love this little guy, he's a clumsy curious playful little spider monkey who's silky fur, delicate physique and quirky long tail make him that little extra special! Please consider giving this funny clown a loving home!


UPDATE: January 22

Panther loves following and being in the company of my own cat Hobbes, so much in fact that I feel I have to change his name to Shadow! Wherever Hobbes goes, so does Shadow; wherever Hobbes sleeps, Shadows there too, often on top or snuggled against him. Last night while Hobbes was in bed sleeping with us I heard Shadow peeping and meowing obviously looking for his buddy Hobbes who for most of the time tolerates and even grooms him but largely wants to escape this cute little pesky ankle biter! So I rang Hobbes bell and sure enough Shadow came over and promptly curled up with Hobbes and me under the bed covers! Wow I thought, this was a HUGE first since Shadow is still building trust and confidence with people! But after Hobbes became uncomfortable and left, Shadow stayed and snuggled with me for about half an hour and enjoyed all the cuddling and snuggling he could get!!!!! He eventually got restless and lonely for Hobbes and left to which Hobbes promptly returned, this time returning between us to ensure Shadow wouldn't follow. But low and behold Shadow was back and was happy to come under and curl up by himself against me like before, though this time it was without Hobbes! Wow! Though his confidence with people is building I really do think he would be better off in a home with other cats, older or young. Currently, he really seems to feel his best in the company of his kind and is rather happy to be curious and tolerating of humans ^^ I do hope the snuggling continues! Stay tuned for some very cute videos of Shadow playing!!!


UPDATE: January 17

Panther is settling into foster life remarkably well. While he's still a little shy around humans, he loves to play and frolic with our cat and our current foster cat. I think he enjoys being the youngest kitty around as he can time and time again get away with his kittenish antics (surprise attacks and tackles) which both cats tolerate well with that older brotherly understanding! I do love seeing Panther nuzzle and brush up under their chins to try and get their attention and both the cats enjoy grooming and snuggling with Panther. When playing together Panther emits these extremely cute squeaky meows and will often squeak-meow to call the other two cats to play! Panther is beginning to become more comfortable being held by us but is still a little squirmish and sensitive to sudden noises, however if he's laying down half asleep he is happy to be patted, scratched and stroked and purrs contently in response. He's definitely a much more relaxed kitten than before in the shelter. Ideally, I think Panther would be more comfortable in a home with other cats, preferably older than him. He's not much of a lap cat but this could change. Last night was the first night since he came to my house last week where he slept with us and the other cats on our bed!


UPDATE: January 12

Panther is now in foster care with myself! He's healthy and happy and has transformed from a shy docile kitty into a highly energetic playful one! Panther is settling in well and was happy to roll around and enjoy the ondol last night. Really, nothing beats seeing former shelter cats stretch and roll around on a heated floor! For the entire time I've known Panther, he has lived in some form of a small confined space or another, but now he's enjoying a new sense of freedom and a larger space, happily running, tumbling and frolicking around. I never knew he had some much energy and he's also proving to be very mischievous too! I look forward to seeing how he develops while in foster care. Please consider giving Panther a forever home!

MANY THANKS AGAIN TO everyone who kindly donated towards Panther and the other kitten's vet expenses for the last couple of weeks. This really enabled to give them a good fighting chance in life! We couldn't have done it without your kind support!!


UPDATE: January 8

Panther is ready to leave the vets!!!



UPDATE: January 3

Panther and his brothers Tiger and Leopard are currently being boarded at a wonderful vet in Cheonan, after Tiger and Leopard contracted a nasty eye and respiratory infection. Luckily, Panther didn't contract either infection, is in great shape and seems to be the strongest one out of the three. But now it was discovered yesterday they ALL have a bad case of ear mites. Unfortunately, this means they all have to remain at the vets for another 6 days to treat the ear mites, not to mention putting extra pressure on our purse strings!!

So I have started a fundraiser to seek either sponsors or donations, as well as fosters and adopters, for Panther and his brothers's boarding fees, food and medical care, until they are ready to go to new homes.

You can read more about the event here >>>

PLEASE PLEASE spare a few pennies to help give Panther and his brothers fighting chance for the new year!

Please help us help this ADORABLE FLUFFBALL!! For more information on fostering or adopting, see below information.

UPDATE: November

Panther is one of three siblings who came to Asan from a local kill shelter. Although the kittens were a bit wild, the shelter owner wanted to give them a fighting chance to find a forever home.

Panther is the most outgoing and playful of the siblings and we are hoping to get him into foster care or a forever home before he grows and is added to the cat colony at the shelter.

He will go in for a neuter in 6 weeks.

If you are interested in meeting this tiny soul, please email me at [email protected].

Adoption/Foster Applications can be found here: Please fill out completely. *if interested in fostering, you will also just fill out the adoption application.

Panther enjoying a few rubs.


Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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Oh that's so lovely Panther is letting you pet him! Such a beautiful kitty!

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Beautiful Panther!

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Panther is such a strong healthy charming lad waiting so patiently for that special someone to come along and wisk him away from the shelter cold and into a warm house and kind arms. He has such an aura about him that once you meet him you can't help but be mesmerized by his gaze and gentle nature. He is gaining more trust and becoming more comfortable being held, and is starting to enjoy soft head scratches. But sadly Panther and his brothers, Leopard and Tiger, will have to spend this holiday season at the shelter. I love this boy dearly, please consider giving him and/or his brothers a fresh start in life in the coming new year!

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My foster kitty was the same way. It won't be long before he'll start coming to YOU for the cuddles as well. :) Great job!

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A panther playing with a pinecone




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Hobbes and (his) Shadow....Shadow sure does test Hobbes patience and tolerance at times but he really is an amazing foster brother to Shadow! Shadow indeed loves the company of other cats. I love listening to this little motor purr!! He's a funny rambunctious ragamuffin!



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Adoption pending?! Woohoo!