On her favorite rug
AliceLoves to lay aroundAlice in the parking garage where she was rescued.

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Crate trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

A wonderful couple offered to courier Alice to my mom in May. We're hopeful for Alice. But, the airline isn't a sure thing. Just in case, we'll leave her posted. Maybe she's the cat for you. Here's our sweetest girl Alice with our new foster Rosie.

Alice is a dog's cat. :) :) Eeyore is our new foster dog, adorable but VERY shy and nervous. Who's the first to make friends? Alice, of course! She found her way into his safe area, lay down on his green pillow, and slept the sleep of the dog-loving just. Love defies category. :)

9 Jan 2014 -- We LOVE Alice. Anyone would. She is a Dalai Lama of a cat. I'm worried I won't be able to take 3 cats in June. (Not just to the States for summer, but on to our next school). Alice is bonded to us and would need time and care to warm up to a new home. If you feel she might be the cat of your heart, if you have the heart to cherish an older mellow cat who's braved a lot, please consider meeting Alice. We only want a change for her that will make her and you happy.

Winter 2013 -- Good news! Since we have a foster dog (Joyce Ann), our punky cat Abby no longer bullies Alice. :) Abby is too busy trying to bully the dog--who just thinks it's great fun and wags at her. :) :) Alice is amazingly brave--keeps going to find the dog to see what she's up to. Calm as anything, making friends. So...I think we can plan on keeping Alice permanently. (YEAH!!! :) !)

My only worry is that when we leave at the end of next year, will we have any trouble taking 3 cats for 2 people? (I read it's 1 per person on Korean Air? We also have Jack Sparrow, our other cat.) For that reason only I'll leave her case anyone makes her a better offer for a new home and she chooses to accept. Meanwhile, I'll start figuring out travel plans for 3 for a year and a half from now. Alice is a QUEEN! :)

Alice (now known to us as Princess Alice) has had her rabies vaccine, and 2 rounds of her other combo vaccine. (I'm not sure what, but I trusted the ChungWha vet to be comprehensive). She's a sweetheart and making the best of our home--we love her and try to coax her out with us as much as possible. She does enjoy our cat Jack Sparrow's company. But, she's being bullied by our cat Abby--who was nice when in heat, and now is not at all nice to Alice. Alice spends a lot of time hiding out by herself, she can't even sleep up on the bed with us because Abby's being such a punk. We would be very happy to find a permanent home for Alice where she will really be the princess of the house. If you have it in your heart to give her a comfy spot in the sun, on your lap, in your home, please email.

Alice will go for her vaccinations tomorrow, and a check-up. She has been wonderful with us and our cats. I was really hoping to adopt her. Unfortunately, one of our cats, Abby, was fine with her at first and now is being unfriendly toward Alice, for the last week. (Abby was in heat when Alice first came--maybe that made her more accepting.) Alice takes it in stride, but it isn't the welcoming home she deserves. Please think about giving Alice a home and giving yourself a loving, accepting long term companion--Santa himself couldn't give you a nicer present.

3 December2012--Alice is done with meds and seems okay, I have yet to take her for a follow-up check-up and shots but will update when I do. She's made friends with our other 2 cats, and has begun exploring the apartment and finding her favorite spots. She really is a patient, stoic old soul of a cat. She's started purring when I pet her under the chin, deep low purr, so subtle! :)

26nov2012- First a big thank you to Alice's new foster mom Susan for stepping up and giving Alice a new wonderful home. Those interested in Alice be on the lookout for updates from Susan. Alice is a wonderful, sweet, affectionate cat. I hope she's enjoying her new loving foster home.

21nov2012- Alice continues to be on medicine and is getting better, unfortunately my living situation has changed and she won't be able to stay with me much longer. Alice is still a sweetheart with no behavior problems, she's not only looking for a permanent home but now needs a new foster home as well.

13nov2012- Alice had a visit with the vet yesterday her checkup went better then expected. She is on medicine for the rest of the week for an upset stomach. The meds are working :)

11nov2012-Alice is still awesome a laid back cat who just wants you to let her sleep at the foot of your bed, pet and feed her that's it. She's been through a lot and deserves a great home.

Update-6nov2012--Alice went to the vet today (just for some antibiotics) and he could not help but be impressed with how gentle she is. Even when she was uncomfortable Alice never tried to scratch or bite him, she's just a very good cat. I've also changed her age to 3-9 adult (according to the veterinarian she's an older cat) this does makes sense to me since Alice is not much for playing. Her perfect day is laying around and purring up a storm.

Alice has an incredible story, and she is the nicest, friendliest, most affectionate cat I've ever met! Please consider her!

Alice is a stray from Dongducheon. She wandered into my friend's apartment parking garage. She was friendly and my friend began feeding her. Because of a bulge in her tummy, we suspected she must be pregnant, so she was brought down to Seoul to see a vet and go into foster care. Unfortunately her foster didn't work out and so now Alice has just been staying at Chungwha. Turns out, Alice was not pregnant per se, but had something called an ectopic pregnancy, a very rare condition where the babies grow outside of the uterus. Obviously, survival for the babies is impossible and it is a condition which is life threatening for the mother, so she had to have surgery to remove them.

Throughout this whole ordeal and what has surely been a hard life, Alice has been friendly, affectionate, and outgoing. She simply loves people. The vet even said she is so gentle that they didn't have to sedate her to give her sonograms like they do most cats, so she would definitely be great with kids. She urgently needs fostering.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


chariscook's picture

Alice is doing wonderfully! The cone of shame is off, the stitches are out and she is patiently waiting for someone to step up. She is so so lovely. Just a total sweetheart. I would be happy to introduce you to her :)

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Great news! Alice went into foster care yesterday. We opened the carrier and she just strolled in, patiently stood in there while I closed the door, and then quietly waited inside while we talked to the vet. She is just so awesome! We will probably be making her a new thread with Alice....the home life! That way you can get to know her not as the pitiful stray but the friendly and totally loveable house cat that deserves the best family. Please consider Alice!

megs's picture

How is Alice with other cats?

AnGvill's picture

Hello Megs,

I might of already responded to you on Facebook but if not :) Alice interacted with the hospital cat ( owned by the vet) when she was a patient and they didn't snuggle but didn't fight either. I assume that once the awkward stage all cats go through when introduced to a new cat passes shed get along just fine with another cat.

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Haha, I love love love Alice's profile pic. She is so snuggly :) Thanks for taking good care of her, Angie!

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Cassie I hope your receiving my emails, if not they might be going to your junk folder.

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Alice has come to stay with us, as a foster stay at least for now. She really is a sweetheart. Thank you Angie for trusting us with her--I think she had such a loving, comfy home with you.

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She's such a unique beauty. :)

susanmilde's picture

She is! She's the shape of no other cat I know. :) Luckily she seems to be taking a little more ownership of our home. Hopefully, she'll reach a balance of power with Abby where she doesn't get bullied. At least there haven't been real skirmishes--Abby makes stealth ninja hits, Alice meowls warnings and plays it cool. They do both sleep on our bed some nights.