Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

This cat belongs to my ex-husband. He was supposed to take her when he moved into a bigger place since he was living in a studio alone until he got remarried again. He has a larger place but now refuses to take her as his new wife and him had a baby this summer. I tried to talk to him but he does not want to take her and his new wife does not want the cat either. The cat was adopted from Egypt from an organization called EMRO that deals with native Egyptian Maus.
Momo is a friendly cat who loves to cuddle. She will come and curl up next to you or under your blanket. She likes to play fetch with lollipops, tinfoil balls and old headphones. She is allergic to fish related products. She should not have anything rich like beef fat. She likes to rub on shoes and catnip pillows. She will sometimes behave like a human and sleep under the quilt with her head on your pillow. If you do not like this, you can set a cushion or pillow for her at the end of the bed and place her there to sleep. She follows my sleep schedule which is a bit after midnight and sleeps until the morning.
I hope to find her a good and loving home.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Chungju - 충주
Living Situation: With owners


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Oh sorry, forgot to add she is three years old.

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Any status update on Momo?

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oops..yes she has been adoptedand is very happy