Claiming the Puzzle Treat

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Orange & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

This weekend Dash went to his Forever Home!! He's acting shy right now but I know within a week he'll be purring on his new momma's lap! Thank you Carly for giving him a forever home!! :D

Cross your fingers!! This weekend he'll be in his new home <3 <3 <3

He fell alseep in my arms last night and didn't even care that I was clipping his nails. I can't help but look back and marvel at the remarkable changes he's gone through. To think he used to be the scared little ball of orange and white fluff. Now he walks around like he owns the place. He's such a sweet and loving little guy. Perfect for a person who enjoys quiet nights. :)

Dash is doing great! He does need a new foster home soon, though. So please let me know if you're interested :)

Dash was born around March in 2012. Until August he was living on the streets wi...th his brothers and sisters. He is a remarkable cat with a strong desire to be pet and loved. Quiet unless spoken to (or it's feeding time) he is a great companion to have with you during these cold winter months.

"Fresh prince of Orange Hair" by Dash
Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute so just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the prince with soft orange hair.

In the cold streets of Daegu born and raised On the sidewalk where I spent most of my days.
Eatin’ out, dashing, shivering all cold
And all calling out m’mom outside for some food
When a real sweet lady, she was up to some good,
Caught m’mom and us in our neighborhood.
I hissed and spit a little and the girl wasn’t scared
She said “You’re going to a new girl who has more room to spare”

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed me in a case and sent me on my way
I was scared and so I didn’t know what to do
I hid and I scratched and I wanted to be left alone.

After a few days I relaxed in my new home and She had two other cats who were so nice.
If anything I could say that this girl was fair so I thought hey, this is my new lair!

Now I purr instead of hiss and kiss instead of spit. I can cuddle with my foster ‘n say “Thank you ” I look forward to my new home but until then I’m the king of this lair.

Seriously, one of the coolest cats ever.

Reasons to Love Dash:
1. He is super affectionate.
2. He'll make sure you never feel lonely.
3. He listens to you and oftentimes has good advice to offer (he meows back).
4. He loves a good head-scratch.
5. He is loyal. A bit on the skittish side but once he's familiar with someone it's for life.
6. He's great with other cats.
7. He sleeps under the covers and right up against you.
8. Only vocal around feeding time. He just gets so excited!!
9. He'll eat ANYTHING you give him.
10. Loves one-on-one attention.
11. He likes to play with you but he can also entertain himself for hours with just a mouse.
12. He doesn't use his claws during play time and he doesn't bite. If he's done he does a little teeth scrape and meows.
13. When he trusts you...it's the best feeling in the world. Seriously, his eyes simply express all of his love and devotion. He can melt hearts with his eyes.

Update 11/12
By this time next month (hope!) he will be neutered!! I haven't braved the vet for a while because it's a pretty scary time for him. Wish me luck!

Update 11/6
Sweet and loving he doesn't scratch or bite during his play time. He may nibble a little but he merely brushes his teeth against your hand to let you know he doesn't like it (he's not too keen on belly rubs). I've been picking him up a lot lately, petting him, and then putting him down. Usually it's right before we go to bed. He's starting to realize that it isn't a forever thing and is now taking this one-on-one time to get some extra pets in.

He likes the lap and loves attention. I think he'd be more affectionate if I had the time to give him. He's a great kitty and I feel bad but I really need a foster for him. Three cats is a lot and I feel bad that none of them are getting the amount of attention they deserve. He's got a clean bill of health and I'll try to get him in on Thursday for another shot and meds.

Thanks for reading this!! I've learned a lot from him!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Andong - 안동
Living Situation: In foster care


kittycat203's picture

He's starting to test me...so much that i think it's all a game to him by now. He jumps on the counter and expects me to just let him eat whatever crumbs have been left behind.
If he feels threatened he bats lightly at my hand but doesn't use his claws. This is a MAJOR improvement from his first couple of days in my home.

kittycat203's picture

Great improvement so far. He still runs away from me when I bend down to pet him but he's become pretty demanding that he gets a bit of space on the bed.
Very sweet guy. I plan on taking him to the vet after pay day to get the first round of shots and to make sure he's as healthy as he looks. The vet in town has a lot of experience with wild cats and might be able to offer up some advice on what I can do to make Dash more comfortable in my home.

the fosters's picture

You are doing such an amazing job with him!!! I hope he continues to gain confidence!!!

kittycat203's picture

Thanks so much :) I hope so too!! Seriously, it's like he hit a breaking point and he can't resist my charms. Hahaa. Ooooor he has decided I can join the Cool Cats club.

kittycat203's picture

Every Morning :)

kittycat203's picture

Play Time! 100 cool points if you can guess what TV show I'm watching. HaHa.

marlajoy's picture

Cheers! :)

kittycat203's picture

100 cool points!! :D

eveliens's picture

That Fresh Prince parody is hilarious. Good luck little dude.

kittycat203's picture

He is pretty creative ;) Or should I say inspiring?

Great news, though. He has totally accepted my loving embrace. Aka he lets me pick him up and cuddle with him. If I keep petting him he's cool with it. Once I stop the deal is over and he starts wiggling.

roxyequine's picture

I've had the chance to hang out/play with Dash while his foster mom was on vacation and a few other times when I've visited her. When she first got him, he was still somewhat feral. You could see that he wanted attention and affection, but he was still quite frightened. His foster mom and her two cats have worn him down, and now he is sociable and friendly:) Whoever gets this sweet kitty will be very lucky!

kittycat203's picture

=) He is pretty amazing!

roxyequine's picture

I hope this sweet little guy can find a home soon~! His foster mom and brothers love him, but he deserves a forever home of his own:)!

CarlyHeiber's picture

Hopefully he will have one by this weekend, with me :)!!

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CarlyHeiber's picture

I am soooo excited to get this guy into his forever home with me on friday :D This week is going to drag.

megs's picture

Haha, I LOVE his 'nip picture. It's wonderful to hear that he's going to be home soon. :)

kittycat203's picture

he has been crazy adorable the past couple of days. I'm gonna miss the little guy but I KNOW his new mommy will be wonderful for him. He'll soak up all the attention and be the best kitty ever (aside from my own ;) )

I've been wanting to make the 'nip poster for a while and decided to do it when I wasn't getting a lot of feedback on potential adopters. He is so cute.

CarlyHeiber's picture

Three days in and he has come around and begs for pats (and whatever food I may be eating) Right now he is playing witha toy and running back for some head scratches in between attacks and the poor de-furred mouse toy. Very Happy to have this little boy!!

kittycat203's picture

YAY!!! :) Awesome! I'm so happy he recovered so quickly! My biggest fear with him was that I'd do something that'd make him relapse to his original self (the scared and angry kitten). YAY! You're awesome. He's awesome. Everyone is awesome!!