Mogwai (formerly Boots)

he hasn't grown into his ears yet, lol.
cute kitty!Playing in the window with his toys.wanting to play!sleepy timehe likes to be the centre of attentionharness training in progress

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

*UPDATE* 10/10/2012- Adoption pending! A couple living in Korea have contacted us and want to meet Mogwai! We will be meeting his prospective new family next weekend. Fingers crossed :)
In other news, we took Mogwai out in the carrier to the park for his first evening walk away from home. He didn't enjoy the carrier journey much (meow meow meow) but once we let him out onto a soft patch of grass and he realised he wasn't at the vet, he immediately perked up. Within minutes he was trotting along, head and tail up, ears rotating like little satellites. He got more and more brave, climbing up tree trunks and testing what he could do on the leash. He did a couple of leaps and seemed a bit annoyed that the leash restricted the distance he could jump. An old man walked by and he flattened, but didn't bolt. He was less bothered by the next passerby. In all, it was a brilliantly successful first real 'walk'. We are delighted! Taking him out again this evening, to a hill trail a bit closer by.
*UPDATE* 8/10/2012- Harness training in progress! We've had a couple of wobbles- one when we first attached the leash- he didn't like the feeling of it trailing behind him and immediately started crying and trying to eat it. He still doesn't like the leash but isn't so bothered by it when I'm holding it up and away from his body.
I've taken Mogwai down to the carpark area under our apartment at night for a snuffle and a wander around. Outside, the wobbly-walk he had previously displayed disappeared and he trotted around sniffing things, very edgy and alert. He flattened at the sound of a dog and every time someone walked by in the street. On the grass and around the bushes, he seemed more at ease. We're going to try taking him to the nearest park a couple of evenings this week and see how we get on. I think he will be more comfortable away from traffic.
Being harness-trained will be a great asset for Mogwai, and for whoever decides to take him home! It means his options are increased, and living in an apartment with no outdoor access will no longer be a big obstacle for someone who would like to adopt this kitty :)

*UPDATE* 30/09/2012- We've been reading a few articles to find out how other cat-owners with small apartments solve the problem of a bored/restless kitty. Unconventional, but could this be the answer? Take a look:

We've bought a simple harness, cooked a tasty bit of chicken for treats and begun training. The first session went better than expected, I got Mogwai's new harness on without too much complaint, and he took a few tentative steps before reeling up on his back legs and flopping onto his side. We took it off. The second time, he seemed more comfortable- he walked around with an occasional wobble, crouched down and did a test-pounce. He went about five minutes before flopping onto his side. We've had two or three sessions since, each one a few minutes longer than the last, with lots of play, cuddles and treats, and now when we put the harness on the floor he will happily step into it. He's had a couple of play-sessions in it and can comfortably run and jump in it, but he wobbles when climbing. I'm not sure yet if it is the harness inhibiting his movement, or if he is just not confident moving in it yet. A couple more sessions should tell.

We will keep you posted on Mogwai's training progress!

*UPDATE* 27/09/2012- We've decided to rename him Mogwai, we think it suits him better, with his cute face and massive ears. He's got a funny wobbly noise he makes when he grumbles about something (being removed from a comfy spot like my pillow or the 'staring window'.) It sounds like a noise a little monster might make, haha :)
I've been looking up cat breeds to see if there are any that match him. He's certainly a mixed moggie, but I think he must have some oriental in him. He's really active and vocal, and likes to be the centre of attention. He's very intelligent and curious,and he always wants to play or snuggle. We started to put away his toys at night to encourage him to snuggle down with us. His response? He 'loses' one during play time, then digs it out and clatters around the room with it to wake us up in the morning.

If you would like to meet our little lodger, feel free to contact me. Mogwai needs a loving forever home!

*UPDATE* 26/09/2012- Boots is teething at the moment, which means lots of meowing and ankle-chomping. He is also growing like a weed and has taken to dashing out of the front door when we open it so he can have a sniff of the hallway. I think he is really an outdoor cat at heart, he needs a home with more space to explore. I feel sorry for him being stuck here in our tiny place, all he wants to do is run around outside :( If you are considering adopting a cat and have access to an outdoor area/garden, please consider Boots! He would be so much happier with space to run and pounce around.
PS- new video :)

*UPDATE* Keir took Boots for his last round of shots on Friday (14th Sept) and his heartworm guard. He is now fully vaccinated. He got to ride the subway, much to the amusement of some old ladies :) Also, new photos and vids, LOOK! He's such a cutie :)

Boots is growing up fast and developing some impressive moves, I've never known a kitty who plays 'fetch'!!! When he wants to play, he will come and drop a toy in your lap (or on your face if you happen to be in bed). You throw the toy, he goes after it, kills it a bit, then trots back to you with it in his mouth and drops it ready to be thrown again. Repeat! He was pretty clumsy when we got him, but I guess he's found his feet now, he's crazy for things on strings and has developed an awesome pounce, which usually ends with him standing up on his hind legs and flailing his front paws like a little girl with a spider in her hair.

Boots was rescued from the streets mid July. He is about 5 months old. I and my partner are currently taking care of him, taking over from his previous foster who was no longer able to do so.

Boots is a darling! When we got him, he cautiously snuffled his way around the apartment for about ten minutes, then climbed onto my lap and curled up, purring away. He is a lanky, long-limbed kitten with massive amber eyes. He's half-grown but still looks kitten-like, he has yet to grow into his paws (and ears!) Like a lot of kitties that get taken in from the street, he's missing the end of his tail, but it doesn't seem to bother him, and we love him all the more for it! ^^
He's comfortable around new people and soon cuddles up to our visiting friends. He is affectionate and boistrous, often yoyo-ing between cuddles, rolly-pollies and wrestling. He needs lots of stimulation and play time, and meows if he is bored or wants a head rub. He always uses the litter box and has had no accidents. At night, he likes to curl up with us. He usually starts by my side and slowly wriggles up until he's on the pillow, his face squashed against my cheek. He will stretch out on his back and 'swim' in slow motion with his front paws when he is happy.

Boots is very friendly towards the cats he's met at the vet, but he is very scared of dogs. He would do well in a lively home with plenty of company and space to run and play. Although he seems happy enough living an indoors life, I feel our tiny one-room apartment is not big enough for him to run around in.

Boots has had his first shots and heart worm guard. He is very calm at the vet. He had his injection with no complaints and went in and out of his carrier very easily. He is due his last round of shots soon. He is ringworm free.

Boots is a cheeky, playful kitten who really deserves a loving forever home. If you are interested in adopting Boots, please feel free to contact me with any questions at all.

More pictures to come, and video too- watch this space!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care


the fosters's picture

wow!!! he looks beautiful!!! great pics!! he seems to be doing so well!!! I think you're doing an amazing job with him!!

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Hi, I read your comment about Boots getting in the washing machine. I just wanted to warn you that he might end up in your dryer without you knowing it. My best friend started to unload her dryer one day and then the phone rang (these were the days before cell phones) and she went to answer it. When she came back to the dryer, she closed the door and turned it back on since the clothes weren't dry yet. She didn't see her cat because he was nestled in all of the clothes. It is horrible to imagine what happened to her cat and how she felt about it afterwards. The vet told her that this wasn't uncommon because cats are attracted to the warm clothes in the dryer when it is left open; especially when it is cold in the winter. So I thought I'd let you know about this just in case Boots becomes just as fond of the dryer as he did about the washing machine!

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I've also tried the harness with a cat. I had a cat who I regularly took outside for walks and he did quite well! I'm sure he would have preferred it if I weren't always tagging along, 7 feet behind him and slowing him down but I know he loved getting outside and romping around in a way that he couldn't in a small, studio apartment. I'd definitely recommend that everyone give it a try! :) Good luck with it!! :)

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I'm guessing Mogwai is just getting used to the harness - I don't think it should restrict his movements (see pic :))
I think the trick is to make sure the harness is tight enough, so they don't feel it flapping against them when they move. We put our cat in a harness and walked him with the dogs from day one (he was about 4-5 months old when we found him and I don't think had lived indoors before). He was a bit resistant for the first few days, but quickly got comfortable walking and climbing on leash. Just keep at it and I'm sure Mogwai will soon learn to enjoy the freedom it gives him.

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Wow! Did you take him out from the house and walk him the whole way with your dogs? I want to take Mogwai to a grassy park area to start him off, but I don't want to put him in his carrier to do so because he associates it with stress/scary vet time! Unfortunately there isn't anywhere really close to our apartment.

Brown's picture

At first, we only walked our cat very late at night or drove to a park where he could be on fairly people/dog-free trails (he is fine with dogs properly introduced to him, but scared if he meets them when we're out). He still hates crowded places and busy streets and definitely prefers to walk at night or in the woods, but will tolerate walking on quiet streets in daylight hours if he is on familiar territory.

I'd start by taking Mogwai out at night/very early morning or whenever there aren't too many people around - practise leash-training indoors first so he gets used to moving around attached to it. I would also try taking him to the park in the carrier - even if he hates it now, he might have more positive associations if he goes somewhere exciting instead of just the vet. You could also try keeping the carrier out with some blankets (and maybe a few toys or treats) in it and see if he wants to sleep in there (our cat loves his - it's a small dog carrier though so quite roomy). Obviously, make sure he is already harnessed and leashed before you take him out in the carrier, so he can't run off when you arrive. If the park is within walking distance, you could also carry him (leashed) in your arms or in a bag from which he can look out (I've done that with ours and although he still won't walk there - it's quite a busy road - he will usually walk home).
Hope it goes well!