We rescued Jack Sparrow!

This is the story of Jack, Jack Sparrow! Because his goatee is so awesome!

Jack Jack was found initially on 4 Aug 12. We attempted to find him a home that night, brought him some food and water, and said our goodbyes in the apartment complex park. We went down again the next day, and again he came and sat by our family while we pet him and I guess, fell in love. But again, we said our good byes. We didn't have anything necessary to bring a cat home, no litter box or kitty food. I was posting about him on Facebook when a friend offered to lend us a litter box. So the mission was on, and I went downstairs to find Jack. After calling for him, Jack appeared and meowed. He is such a special cool cat.

When we brought him inside and he made himself right at home! He ventured into all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Rolled on the floor, eventually jump on the couch to be a lap cat, then played in a cardboard box my 6 year old got him.

My husband and I were talking and we both decided we would keep him and not foster him.

Go figure 7 hours later he poops in my bed and hides behind the couch and under the girls bed all day. We got worried because he was so different from the night prior when he seemed really relaxed in our home.

Last night was back to normal, sleeping on my bed, wondering around the house, and being told to get off the counter. He has used the litter box twice and eating solid foods!

We love this little guy. And more will be posted about Jack Sparrows adventures in the Schneider House.

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