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Please adopt these long termers!!! :)

I made a video highlighting 4 long term shelter residents, Needles and Bear, Wally and Nari. Please share it so we can get these BAPS originals out of there!!! :)

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One more reason to love older dogs (and ALL animals)!

My mom sent me this information this morning. I don't know if anyone has heard about it but I thought I'd pass along the story. :) She doesn't know where she got it from but I googled the information and this seems to be the link it came from.

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Warning to all multiple pet families!

Ok, I may be stating the obvious to most pet owners but it wasn't obvious to me so there must be others out there like me who are clueless. Scroll down to the bold if you aren't interested in details.

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Advice needed on how to let go!

Around 4 or 5 months ago, I found a tiny kitten starving in an alley on Jindo. I took him home where he almost immediately bonded with me and my dog, Alexis. Not long after, I adopted another dog, Chloe. Not long after that, I decided to foster two more kittens, Quint and Brody, the same age as my own. Recently, I found a family who wants to adopt all three kittens.

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