Dantes and Emma loving Canada

I had adopted Dantes (Asan resident known as Mickey) back in 2009. He is such a bundle of joy and love I couldn't imagine my life without him.

I decided to send Dantes to Canada to be with my parents about 2 months before the end of my teaching contract because of heat embargoes. When he arrived he just glued himself to my mom. He loved his visits to the nursing home to visit Grandma, I know he misses those days. He was the highlight of Grandma's day.

Anyways, September rolled along and I was sent a message asking if I would consider adopting Emma (Asan resident known as Crema)... and at first I was a little wary... but after thinking about it more and seeing her precious face I just couldn't say no to her. Emma landed in Canada 1 week after Thanksgiving (October).. and she has definitely become my girl.

I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that both of these precious spaniels are loving their home. Thank you to all the volunteers that cared for both of them. And THANK YOU to Mr. Park, because if it hadn't been for your shelter they wouldn't be part of my family.

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More Pictures of Dantes

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More pictures of Emma

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so happy to see two happy spanels enjoying their new home! Thank you!!

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Thank you Jin Young! I've been following Lucky, and she sure is Lucky to have you! Both Emma and Dantes hope that she feels better and finds a forever home soon!

I really wish I could just take all the Spaniels from Asan.. but 2 is my limit..

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Lucky doggers... Dantes and Emma look fantastic. What a great story to start the new year! Thanks so much for sharing, it made my day :)

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:) Thanks Karen! They are really starting to like the snow... but it seems as soon as we get some the next day or two it's gone... Which is something that I like because I'm not much of a snow/winter person.

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I was so happy to read your post. Beautiful! I didn't know Dantes, but knew Crema/Emma and am so happy for both of their wonderful happy endings.

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Thank you annemariew for caring for Emma while she was at the shelter... I know she appreciates everyone who came to visit and and give her love.

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What a wonderful story, and great pictures! They look like happy dogs :)

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Thanks jejudogs! There are so many pictures I could share... but I thought that these ones really highlighted their personalities the best.

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Hi Lcavegirl, I saw this a while ago and meant to say thanks for the update on your two angels. I'm so glad they got a great home!

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Thanks Red Dog! I cannot imagine my life without either of these goofballs :) All of our furbabies are so precious!