The Pet Hotel M

Dear pet lovers,
Hi, I am happy to inform you about pet hotel in Itaewon!
Located on the 2nd floor of Chungwha animal hospital and my pet(Dexter) loved this place :)
I know there are several pet hotels in Itaewon but they are little far away from my home and little expensive to afford for me since I'm often out of country for my work.
Anyways, I thought that I should let ARK people know this good pet hotel in Itaewon!

What's good about them is,
1) With the largest playground inside the hotel, providing plenty of space and hygiene to provide pets safe and healthy protection
2) Exclusive space for cats (hotel and playground) offers optimal environment for cats.
3) Daily care is also available for working days and a day out around Itaewon.
4) For your special moments with your pets, studio is right inside the hotel to capture those moments forever. Photographed by a professional animal photographer, both indoors and outdoors shooting is available on your wish.
5) Using shampoos made with natural ingredients, pet hotel M provide trendy and caring high end spa and grooming service for pets.
6) Also, if there is someone who would wish to travel other countries, KAT system will help through every process of transportation and immigration for pets’ safe travel.

They are located in 21-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Itaewon subway station is only 5 minutes away from pet hotel M.
You'll be welcome to visit them anytime for little tour.
And don't frget to get 30% promotion discount since they are newly opened!

The thing that I loved about them most was their environment with all natural woods & I was able to see Dexter all the time through their online camera even when I was out of country! What a relief :)

If there is anyone who is interested Pet Hotel M, please contact to John Chong 010-8877-9937.
He was nice guy there as dog trainer. He was get along well with Dexter and I was happy to see himagain with good condition :)
I highly recommend pet hotel M in Itaewon!

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Karen's picture

Thanks so much for sharing this information! It's really helpful. Do they have a website?

Khloe Choi's picture

Oh, I only know their animal transport website.
I will ask John if they have one for their pet hotel.

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Does this look like the same place?