Help Sponsor a dog for his/her healthcheck

Clare Mills is doing a fundraiser to sponsor a shelter animal for his/her health check. Here are the details in case you would like to help.

Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 6:30pm until Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 9:30pm

Update 14 Jan 2012:
We have raised enough to sponsor FOUR dogs for their health checks! I have handed over the first W170,000 for Bear's health check and we are just waiting for the results. I will update as soon as I hear. The money for the remaining three dogs is with me and I am thinking carefully about which dogs should get their check first :) THANK YOU!

Update 4 Jan 2012:
We have raised enough money to sponsor THREE dogs and we are now onto the fourth! I am overwhelmed. When I started this, I was hoping to raise enough for one or two dogs, but the response has been wonderful. Thank you all so much!

It is snowing here and almost always in the negatives temperature-wise so it is so important that we keep the shelter dogs as healthy as possible. Thank you for helping me to make a difference in their lives. ♥

Update 28 Dec 2011:
Thanks to your generous donations we have raised enough money for two and a half dogs to have their health checks ;) If you'd like to help a third dog to get theirs too then please feel free to donate whatever you can...details are below.

Update 14 Dec 2011:
Thank you! So far we have raised enough to sponsor one dog for his health check. There are many more dogs in need so please, if you can spare even a little, have a look below at the cause.


This is a request to all who are able and willing, to donate some money to help me to sponsor one or more dogs at the Asan Shelter where I volunteer.

Per dog, the amount in Korean Won is 170,000 which is approximately ZAR1200. This amount will enable one shelter dog to have a heartworm test, their vaccinations and to be dewormed. This will ultimately improve their chances of being adopted.

To see some of the dogs, click on Adoptable Animals > Adoptable Dogs and then select Asan shelter dogs.

No amount is too small - if we all donate just a small amount of money, we should be able to sponsor at least one dog.

If you are in Korea and would like to donate, my bank details are:
Clare Mills
Bank: KEB
Acc # 620-203339-430
*** Please use the reference "ASAN" & your name.***

If you are in South Africa, my bank details in SA are:
Clare Mills
Standard Bank
Branch: Kloof
Acc # 251645932
(I can check my account from over here and will transfer the equivalent in KRW from this side.)
*** Please use the reference "ASAN" & your name. ***

Once you have made a deposit, PLEASE send me a message either on FB or to my e-mail (address above) so that I can keep track of all the funds and update this event page.

PAYPAL is now available!
Please use the e-mail address: [email protected] if you'd like to donate using PayPal.

Thank you all for helping me to make a difference! ♥ ♥ ♥

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clare_bell's picture

Hi everyone,

I started this as a Facebook event for my friends who wanted to club in to sponsor a dog and it has been a huge success. So far we have raised enough money to sponsor 5 dogs and are now into the 6th! I will keep everyone updated as we go along :)

Please consider donating what you can. A health check for a dog or cat goes a long way to increasing his/her adoptability.

Thank you!!

Karen's picture

Will fundraising continue into February?

annemariew's picture

Thanks, everyone. Clare said fundraising has stopped and she is moving forward with the dogs who were sponsored.

Karen's picture

Great, that's awesome. I'd love to see some photos of the dogs who were helped, if possible!

clare_bell's picture

Hi Karen, I certainly will post some pics asap, along with their stories :)