Template for lost and found posters

This is a repost from a member on Facebook. Here is a simple template for making a lost or found poster: http://www.facebook.com/groups/106254800455/10151836636670456/


Also check here for helpful Korean phrases when talking about a stray: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/helping-a-stray. Along with other helpful tips and hints.

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Thanks for sharing this!

Here's a North American website with tips for searching for lost pets that has examples of good poster design. English only, but you get the idea: make posters big, bold and highly visible.

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Yep! Those definitely look good and effective :) great link!

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Please post a photo of the animal as well of course ^^ Color posters are always better - explains why and shows an example of a poster that got a LOT of attention in my neighborhood. The color poster was everywhere and had a reward - many people were looking for this dog!

Some things you might want to add are 성별 "gender" (수컷 for a boy, and 암컷 for a boy) and 종 "breed."

Naver Dictionary will help you immensely with any translations you may need. Naver does only one word at a time, unlike Google Translate, but you will get more accurate translations here.

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Just noticed. Please keep in mind the template is for dogs ^^ 강아지

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The template says that in English.

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Yup, but just saying if someone was looking for a cat : )

They'll need to change it to 고양이