You Have Worms too

Humans have worms, check out who should deworm, how often, and why!

Here is a recent topic on ARK facebook about the need to deworm--including humans.

This blog post is to document the name of the product you ask your Korean Pharmacist for...however, it is good to educate yourself on the importance of this topic.

You should deworm regularly, every 6 months, if:
1). You work with animals
2). You go barefooted
3). You eat a lot of raw veggies
4). You visit the shelter regularly
5). Consume undercooked or raw meat or eggs

For a complete list of questions to ask yourself whether you need to deworm, this blogger details them here: It is listed under the bold title "If you are wondering about the possiblity of whether or not you have worms, ask yourself these questions..."

Here is a study about deworming school children and the positive effects that should peak your interest:

The CDC gives a good overview:

Last, a good google search will provide a load of information including both sides of the spectrum. Many think in the modern world or developing nations deworming is not needed. However, the deworming pill in Korea only cost 1000won. Why not spend a cheonwon to protect yourself?


ANIMALS: Note if you give heartworm prevention this kills just about all worms monthly.
Check here for recommendations:
Here is an outline for heartworm prevention:

CATS: Recommended to deworm every 2-3 months.

***note this is not an exhausted blog post on worms, if you would like to add a site or more information feel free to email me and I will add it in! This was mostly designed so others can search for the name of the product in Korea. :)

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GREAT article! Something most of us would NEVER think about. Simple and inexpensive precaution. I have already shared it.

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NOT JUST FOR RESCUERS! Please think that in Korea a lot of the food is prepared on the floor behind the counter. The same floor where people are walking around and after the doors are locked and the lights are out, who knows who/what else is taking a stroll. I have personally seen fish laid on the floor of a restaurant to thaw out. I have seen lettuce laid out on the floor to dry out after a rinse. In my apartment building while waiting for the elevator to some, my dog took off around the corner, I went to grab him and there he was enjoying the smell of the onions that were sitting on a papertowl in the hallway outside of the restaurant. I know the shop owne and told her my dog got a lick in. What she did after that - I dont know.

Just because you don't work with animals, doesn't mean you are not exposed every day. Share this link with your friends. Or like one of my friends does - buy in bulk and force a couple pills on your friends. Two pills taken 5 days apart.

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If you eat, breathe, touch things or drink water, you have a chance to pick up parasites. They are the master ninjas of infection. Protect yourself :)

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Agreed!! Thank you for pointing that out!! EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE, is susceptible to the nasty little creatures.