This list of what do to if you lose your dog or cat in Korea was compiled from advice posted online as well as research. If you have additional tips, please post a comment below so it can be added to the list. Thank you!

  1. Begin searching ASAP. Immediately search around your house entirely. Then your building, and then the surrounding area. If your pet was not lost near home, search the buildings and neighborhood where she was last seen and if this is close to your home, search your neighborhood as well. If your pet is not found after searching and calling for them within a radius of a few blocks, then head home to...
  2. Inform the person you adopted from. Contact the shelter/location/person you adopted/obtained your pet from, and leave your information and details of your pet’s disappearance with them – where and what time.
  3. Korean Phrases to Use on Lost Pet Posters

    강아지 = Dog
    고양이 = Cat
    강아지를 찾습니다! =
    Looking for a lost pup!
    고양이를 찾습니다! =
    Looking for a lost cat!
    실종장소 / Place last seen
    실종일시 / Date, time last seen
    종 / Breed
    몸무게 / Weight
    나이 / Age
    수컷 / Male
    암컷 / Female
    특 징 / Special markings, remarks
    연락주세요 / Please contact
    사례금 / Reward

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  4. Notify local veterinary offices. Contact your vet and other local vets to notify them. Leave your information and all information about your pet with them.
  5. Notify local shelters and city pounds. Notify shelters so they will call you if your pet is turned in. You can find lists of local shelters and rescue groups in your area on APMS ( and Lost and Found Animals in Korea's Search Network (
  6. Post notices online. Post on Korean animal sites for lost and shelter pets such as and – call a Korean speaking friend or colleague to help if you cannot navigate the site.
  7. Make a lost pet poster. Include time / date / place last seen; breed / size / color / special markings; contact numbers; the animal's name (so a person knows what to call); a reward, and a photo. Here's a template in English and Korean (.docx) and examples of effective lost pet posters. Make your flyer clear, simple, bold, and bright.
  8. Tips on Making Lost Pet Posters

    • Make your poster with both Korean and English.
    • If you need, ask a Korean speaking friend to help complete the poster details about your pet. Also you can use Naver's translation dictionary for single word translations like “mix” or “beagle” etc.
    • POST A REWARD! This will get your missing poster noticed and people talking and looking. At least offer 100,000won if not more. Your pet’s safety is worth it!
    • Use a Korean speaker’s number as the contact number. Put your number on there as the English speaker and pet’s guardian, too.
    • If your pet has special needs or medications, or is very wary of strangers, please indicate that on the poster.
  9. Print color copies of your poster. Go to a print shop (인쇄소) -- search Naver maps for one in your area!-- and print the posters on durable, shiny paper. These papers will better withstand rain. Use color to make them stand out and have your pet more easily identified.
  10. Plaster your neighborhood. Put the posters up all over your area – mainly local vets and groomers or pet stores. Post, additionally, any and everywhere you can – the more places, the better.
  11. Share on Facebook. Post an image of your poster ALL over Facebook groups and pages, your profile and others', and any sites possible.
  12. Get friends to help search. Create a Facebook event to ask friends and pet-lovers to come help you search. Also ask that they spread the word.
  13. Get friends to help poster. On the day of your search event, ask attendees to put up more posters. Inform your helpers how best to approach your pet who is likely scared and traumatized. Ask that they bring a leash and flashlight (for searching hiding places) if possible. Provide kibble and treats for them to carry.
  14. Check places your pet knows and places s/he could hide. Go to all places familiar to your pet. Also check low and covered places as scared pets may hide there.
  15. Repeat steps 1-12. Repeat all steps over and over – recontact vets and shelters, search online and post online, get more posters up, raise the reward, put more information on your poster – how to approach the pet & again if the pet has special needs or medications. Create more events to search the area together… NEVER give up! Many people will help you. Even the most dedicated owner who has taken precautions never to lose their pet cannot predict everything. But, you can find him or her and you can protect him/her by keeping up the search and informing others.
  16. Keep everyone updated. If and when your pet is found – update everyone! And thank them ^^
  17. Prevention. Discover how your pet got out in the first place and take precautions so it will not happen again!
  18. Written by Katelin MacNair with thanks to everyone who contributed ideas on Facebook.