Nabiya Cat Shelter

나비야 사랑해 고양이보호소
Shelter Director(s): Ju Yun Yu
Location: Seoul - 서울

Nabiya is a non-gov't funded private cat shelter that relies on donations and fundraisers to keep it going.

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Karen's picture

What is Nabiya's policy for taking in newly rescued cats? Do you have advice on what to do if someone finds a cat on the street that they can't keep? Thank you!

Ruizp's picture

Following and email from you I would like to know if you also adopt cats since I found a kitty in the street some days ago py oity but can not keep himat my place.

tainashey's picture

If i need a home for my new cat a foster home... How wold i go about visiting your establishment and seeing if my cat can live here ?

Adelheid Reinecke's picture

Good Day

I hope you can help me.

3 months ago, I found a 3 week old kitten (now Mercury) abandoned under an apartment building. O f course we have bonded, unfortunately I am leaving South Korea and can only keep her 2 more weeks-- After that I will not have a stable home for a long time.. I knew this from the start, and therefor also tried to find a foster home-- I am registered with ARK.

A week ago a lady adopted her, but she was attacked by her alpha cat and I immediately went to get her. She also during this time got an eye infection, she has been to the vet, and is healing very well.

She has had all 3 her kitten vaccinations and my vet recons she is very healthy otherwise.

I would like to know if you have room in your shelter for Mercury?
For these remaining 2 weeks, I will keep searching, but if we do not find a home, I must take her where she will have care.

I live in Gimhae and will travel to Seoul in 2 weeks, if you can help me?

AnnieTagonist's picture

My boyfriend and I saw your post about Mercury and were interested in adopting. We also saw that you lived quite far away. We dismissed the idea and thought that we would just look in shelters for our new furry friend. If you are traveling to Seoul, we would love to meet Mercury and maybe talk more about an adoption. Please contact me at [email protected]

Kiyomi Ara's picture

I've tried emailing regarding policies you have for accepting rescued cats into your schedule, but there was no response. I rescued a kitten--a now five month kitten--that I cannot keep because of my cat allergies, so she has been living on my patio with adequate food, litter and protection.

However, it is getting a little colder these days and I would love to find her a forever home soon. I CANNOT allow her into my home because of my allergies; my wheezing becomes unbearable. To enter the patio, I wear plumbers gloves and a face mask or otherwise my allergies inflame.

Rocko321's picture

Hi Kiyomi.

Did you try my email at
[email protected]

lily11's picture

Where is this place? Which place in Seoul!?

Rocko321's picture

We are located in the Yongsan area.

lily11's picture

Hi! I have a question!!! Can teenagers like 13 come and help the animal shelter too?

lily11's picture

And can we come whenever we want to???????