Goyang City Pound - CLOSED

고양시 보호소
Shelter Director(s): 강경미 (Mrs. Kang)
Location: Goyang - 고양
UPDATE SUMMER 2013: This shelter is now closed.

Original Description:
Goyang city pound is a city-run kill-shelter.

All small dogs and cats are sheltered in 25 vet hospitals across Goyang city. All big dogs are in the pound. Pound workers try to keep animals alive as long as possible, they work very hard searching for adoptive homes.

It would be really great if you could visit the pound! Goyang city pound would like to have volunteers to help walk dogs and play with them in the fenced in play yard. The dogs need to get out and have that human contact if possible, otherwise they have a hard time being adopted. They need time to exercise in the play yard and/or be walked. If you have time, even one hour a week, please contact Mrs. Kang, pound manager.

Would like to adopt a dog or a cat? Visit the Animal Protection Management System website, choose 경기도 (Gyeonggi-do) and 고양시 (Goyang city). Let us know, if you need any help! Contact Mrs. Kang.

Fill out a pet adoption application and send it to Mrs. Kang. If your application was approved, come to Goyang city pound and bring your I.D. card.

All dogs and cats have to be fixed before leaving the pound. It costs 60.000 won to neuter a male dog and 120.000 won to spay a female dog. Free heartworm test.

Donations are not needed.

No one ever made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he thought he could only do a little.
- Sir Edmund Burke

Don't make the mistake of doing nothing because you can only do a little. Ask about the variety of ways you can help. There are lots opportunities:

  • socializing animals
  • walking dogs
  • playing with them
  • taking photos of available dogs
  • sharing photos with your friends on your website, blog, page, etc.

Tell people you know about Goyang city pound!


Karen's picture

Congratulations little one!

lokogoyang's picture

We visited this pound yesterday. The dogs there are lovely. Mrs. Kang does her best for them but they really need to be homed ASAP as their days are numbered. A lot of them have been rescued from meat farms and the rest of them were abandoned. It was very sad to see them as they appeared to CRAVE human attention. We brought some doggy snacks and it caused quite a stir. The dogs loved the snacks and loved a little ear tickle and affection. There is a huge malamute or husky there (im not sure what she is) who is six years old and fully trained. They are very eager for her to be homed as she is a pet and her current situation is not good for her at all. I will try to post my pictures now but these dogs need to be homed ASAP.

lokogoyang's picture

Dogs from Goyang shelter. A nice calm Jindo mix.

Very calm dog. Jindo mix.
lokogoyang's picture

Argentine Dogo. So nice and calm. Loves attention.

simply_ulee's picture

i would love to visit this shelter when i get back from vacation. these dogs seem amazing. i currently volunteer every weekend at Yangju but would also love to support such a passionate shelter manager. anyone know what the best way from the Uijeongbu area is? it's quite annoying because of the way the subway system is, it seems i'd have to go all the way east, then south to the center of seoul, then back west and north to get to Jeongbalsan. when on the map, it is just south of Soyosan which would be easy for me to get to, then if there's a bus that just goes south....?

Sofia's picture

The best way would be to call the pound manager and ask her ^^

lokogoyang's picture

It's pretty easy to get to Jeongbalsan from Uijeongbu. There are a few buses that run and depending on traffic the time can be a quick as 30 minutes. As Sofia said you need to contact the pound manager before you go. It's not an open shelter and people can't just turn up and expect to be let in. If you do arrange a visit get let us know and we can bring you to the shelter if Ms Kang can't.

simply_ulee's picture

thank you! :) i will not be going for a few weeks as i'm going out of the country in a few days, but when i return i will definitely find out which bus to take and get in contact with Ms.Kang to pay a visit :)

Yati Chen's picture

I plan to visit this shelter but havent contact mrs. Kang because I'm afraid she cant speak English and I dont speak Korean. Anybody plan to go there? Is it possible for me to go there alone?

Sofia's picture

Mrs. Kang speaks English.No worries, just call her and talk to her. Or maybe text her first.
Good luck!

Yati Chen's picture

thanks a lot! will call her ASAP :-D