About This Clinic: 

"Heuksuk-dong's Best Animal Hospital" is their quote, and they surely live up to it.

There are two male veternarians who are close friends. They used to work at different animal hospitals but decided to partner up and open up this new clinic in the brand new apartment complex of Heuksuk Hangang Prugio. It is located about a 10-minute walk up hill from Heuksuk Station, exit #3, passed Heuksuk Hangang Centreville Apartments.

They also have a manager who does everything from consulting, marketing, cleaning, and basic vet assistance for dogs and cats. And finally, they have a groomer who does their dog grooming which includes trims, cuts, shaves, coloring, and nail clipping.

Smallville is also a dog cafe and pet hotel. Their rates for all of their services are reasonable and give discounts for adopted animals.

They also host KARA adoption clinics once a month, and are active members with KARA for animal shelter visits and volunteer work.

If you are ever in the area and need a good vet, please come to Smallville. And if you have difficulty with the language barrier, you can call me at 010.8992.8071. I will try to help you out as much as possible.

Products and Services Offered:


Dongjak-gu, Heuksuk-dong 336 Heuksuk Hangang Prugio Residential Business Center, Building 108, Suite 202 (free parking within the apartment basement parking lot)
Business Hours: 
10am - 10pm Monday through Saturday; 10am - 7pm Sundays
English Ability: