YongDong Veterinary Hospital 용동물병원

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This is a vet that was recommended to me. The original listing, though, can be found here:

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Address: 경남 창원시 성산구 상남동 34-2번지 이정빌딩 103호 34-2 Sangnam-dong Phone: 055-286-7511 Bus Info and Map: http://place.map.daum.net/10701679 용동물병원 34-2 Sangnam-dong Seongsan-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea 055-286-7511 virology2008.blog.me
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10 AM - 9 PM, 365
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I was there on Saturday. It was my first time, but I didn't feel rushed and never felt blown off when I wanted something explained or done for my new shelter dog. The vet made some recommendations of what needed to be done/ didn't need to be done, and spoke English very well, though certain words were hard to understand.
He actually spent about 2 hours going over the dog's health, necessary work, and a lot of "what if's."
No rescue discount, really, but he did give me some anti-inflammatory drugs for my dog's leg for free. So I guess that was kind of a discount.
Time will tell, since we're going back next weekend.

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I've been using this vet clinic, with Dr. Yong as my primary vet, for several months now. I'm extremely happy with them, and would gladly recommend them if you need a vet in Changwon!