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Luv Pet is one of the best veterinary clinics in Dongducheon; they are clean, well equipped and have knowledgeable and caring vets on staff. The down side is that they sell animals, however the animals are ALL healthy and well cared for.

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Located inside the Dongducheon Lotte Mart, near Jihaeng station.
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10:00am to 10:00pm
Phone: 0318680275
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NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO THIS VET AGAIN. There are not a lot of veterinary hospitals in DongDuCheon so It would have to be one hell of an emergency for me to go. Other than that I will drive to YangJu or Uijeongbu to get my babies treated. My cat all of a sudden fell sick. She was not eating dropped a ton of weight in a short period of time. I took her to the hospital as all pet owners would do. They ran a couple of tests on her. Finally after a couple of days they had told me she “ate” something silicon like and it was stuck in her colon. I was informed by them that she needed to get surgery. Well after they CUT her WHOLE entire stomach opened they noticed that NOTHING was stuck in her. Apparently her insides were all twisted up and they needed to untwist it. I’m fine that they made a mistake (even after they made me feel like a bad parent for leaving things around the house she shouldn’t be eating) I never received an apology for the mistake they made but I’m okay with that too. After a couple of days I was FINALLY able to take her home. (She was at that place for over a week.) Things are fine for the first couple of days around the 5th day I come back home from work and I find her laying there drooling trying SO hard to breathe in her own piss and throw up. I rush her to the hospital when I arrive they take her to the back room immediately. I’m sitting there waiting for over 40 minutes crying scared that I might lose her, a staff member comes and informs me that she is going to be okay. At this point I’m feeling so much better and then the vet directs me to the office. I’m sitting in the office waiting to hear what happen maybe something went wrong with her surgery?, is it an infection?, did she develop another problem?. Anyway he tells me that she passed away ( lets not forget that it hasn’t even been a week since she had her surgery) and then he tells me that shes been dead for a while. Now I know this guy is lying to me unless I went crazy I heard her meow as I was taking her to the place. It wasn’t a loud or a big meow but I heard her and she was doing her best to hang on. He also has the audacity to tell me If I would of brought her in earlier she would still be alive. MY question is WHAT were they doing back there for over 40 minutes if she had passed a while ago? I am still angry TILL this day that they lied to me in my face. As I’m sitting there in the office all I can do is cry of course I want to ask him WHY and what happened because I followed every instruction they gave me when I took her home. I return the next day so they can talk to me about what to do with her body I finally stop crying and ask the lady this time what happened to my cat why did this happen when she just had surgery to get better? They tell me they don’t know but they did nothing wrong and won’t be reimbursing me. Not once did I mention anything about money to them, but obviously that’s what they were worried about. I spent A LOT of money on her and to me it was worth it as long as she got better. I blame them for my baby’s death, they couldn’t give me a reason why she died and the fact that it was not long after she had her surgery. They did however tell me she did not have an infection. Not once did they APOLOGIZE, I deserved an apology from them I still deserve an apology from them. All I was left with was a broken heart and no answers.

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Oh, my heart absolutely breaks hearing your story! Your poor sweet cat! I'm so sorry!