Mrs Magoo (now "Chloe")

Mrs Magoo exploring :)Hellooooo!!!My name is Hedgebert & I want to be yours!My name is Hedgebert & I want to be yours!Eating my breakfast

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update 7 September 2012:
I am so happy to announce that Mrs Magoo has finally been adopted!! YAY!!
Special thanks go to my awesome vet, Dr Choi, for treating her skin condition for free, Betty for being her first foster mom, Sara for being her second foster mom and finally, to her new parents Alicia and Wesley for falling in love with her. They have decided to name her "Chloe". What a pretty name for a pretty little girl. Congrats little lady!! We love you!!

Update 26 June 2012:
Wonderful news - Mrs Magoo went into foster care a few weeks ago and we have just got word that she has settled in wonderfully. She even has a turtle for a sibling and they get along well! :) Please see below comment from "Tails Sara" along with an adorable pic of Mrs M, the cuddly hedgehog :)

Consider adopting this little lady!

Update 5 June 2012:
Mrs Magoo simply cannot believe that she is still in foster care & not in her forever home! This little girl is soooo easy to care for:

1. She's friendly :)
2. She doesn't need to be walked.
3. She doesn't need regular grooming, just an easy cage-clean.
4. She sleeps most of the day.
5. She eats a tiny amount, so food costs are low.
6. She's downright adorable!!

What more could you ask for? Please consider adopting this girl.

Update 7 May 2012:
Mrs Magoo's foster mom has a problem. Her little Yorkie has a Grade 4 collapsed trachea and, besides needing extra care, also needs to be in a cool environment to reduce panting. Mrs Magoo however, needs to be kept in a relatively warm environment. As you can imagine, living in a one-room Korean apartment is not easy with the two little ones needing these different things. We would like to find Mrs Magoo's forever home as soon as possible. Please spread the word about this adorable little lady!!

Update 17 April 2012:
Mrs Magoo is thriving in foster care! She still has her bare patch of skin but there are a few spines starting to grow back. She has finished her medicine and just gets a special spray on the bare spot now. She's super-duper cute!!

Update 28 March 2012:
Hedgebert/Mr Magoo is a girl!! So it's MRS Magoo from now on :)
Mrs Magoo's skin is doing well with the treatment she is receiving and the doctor says her spines will grow back. She has a tattered ear, but it makes her more end(ear)ing - haha. See below for photos and more updates.

Update 22 March 2012:
Hedgebert by night, Mr Magoo by day... This lucky boy went into foster care in Asan a few days ago. He is doing very well and still taking anti-fungal medicine to help with his skin condition. Watch this space for updates!


Yesterday when I took my dog to the vet, I saw a small plastic container sitting outside. Inside was a very cold, very cute, very scared little hedgehog!!

Poor Hedgebert was abandoned outside the vet's practice in Cheonan in the half-hour I was inside. He is missing a patch of spines near his head and one of his ears has cut in it. I don't think he feels very well at all :(

The vet suspects he has a fungal skin infection & is doing an agar culture to see exactly what it is. The vet very kindly offered to treat him free of charge & asked me to try find him a home.

1. I would like Hedgebert to find a loving forever home. The type that doesn't leave a sick animal on a cold step.
2. I would like to find a foster home for Hedgebert to recover in while looking for his forever home. The foster home would PREFERABLY be in Cheonan so that for the next few weeks the foster parent could take him in to Dr Choi for his treatment. (I'm not 100% sure yet but I think he would only need to go in to Dr Choi once a week. I will find out more this afternoon when I go see how he is doing.)

In the meantime, if you are interested in helping a poor abandoned soul, please contact me!

Here is the adoption application form:

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Anseong - 안성
Living Situation: In foster care


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I went to see Hedgebert today! Dr Choi said his skin condition is definitely a fungal infection. This is treated by some powdered medicine, 2 x a day, in his food. Otherwise he is doing just fine, other than being homeless of course...

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Mrs Magoo is doing very well in her foster home!

From her foster mom: "I would would suggest that if someone enjoys sitting in semi darkness - giggling - Mrs. Magoo would be excellent :) Ha ha! She scurries along side walls switching back and forth, sniffing and checking to see if she can climb up the wall, chair leg, table leg. She loves to climb onto things but has a bad time getting back down...(bad eyesight)... She hasn't played with any of the toys I have out for her...or maybe she has...but did it while I was sleeping. She LOVES the large roll of PVC piping I took from the construction site."

Here is a pic of Mrs M in her favourite pipe :)

In my favourite pipe!A nice hidey-hole
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Mrs M's foster mom also says:

"She grumbles when she is picked up but is quick to 'open up' to see what is happening. We haven't gotten to belly scratching yet but I am sure with time it could be a possibility."

She sounds adorable!!

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Mrs M is currently staying with me because her foster mom is away. She is a real pleasure! She is adorable and very easy to care for.

What a pretty little girl! :)Waiting for my house to be cleaned.
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Mrs M's foster mom says:

"want a pet? have landlord problems about having a dog or cat? Mrs. Magoo is the answer! she may not come running to meet you at the door when you come home...she may not be the cuddliest of pets BUT she doesn't take over your bed. only uses her cage for bathroom breaks (unless u let her run freely about ur apt) she never barks - sometimes growls but never loud enough to upset the neighbours."

"all she really askes for is LOTS and LOTS of newspapers as she loves to bury her self in the news...any language will do - she is multi-lingual...fresh food and water everyday and she will growl for you ... I am told hedgehogs can purr as well...maybe you can be the one to get her to do that!"

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Mrs Magoo is still searching for her forever home. She is a friendly, adorable little lady. Please consider her!

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If you are interested in fostering or adopting this girl, please send an adoption application ( to: [email protected]

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Hello Everyone,

Mrs Magoo (or Tails as my brother calls her) is doing wonderful. She is such a sweetheart, I hope that people are interested in her, because she makes an awesome pet. I have a turtle and they get alot great (strangely she is tamer than the turtle). She is very friendly and even will cuddle for a little bit :)

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GORGEOUS photo of her Sara! Thank you so much for the update. I was going to mail you and ask you how she was settling in. Thank you, and please keep the updates and pics coming! :)

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Clare, I couldn't access the comment you left for me...

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Hi Sara :)

Sorry, I sent you a message just asking how she was doing and for any news :)

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Here are some photos of Mrs M (now called Chloe) - saying goodbye to her foster mom and meeting her new forever mom!!

Happy days!!