Miss Piggy

Happiest Guinea Pig Ever! So many thanks to Miss Muffin's new family : )
Miss Piggy was excited to hear she may be adopted soon!Miss Piggy's intake photo

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Guinea pig
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Adopted

***UPDATE July 8 - Miss Piggy, now known as Miss Muffin, was transported to Daejeon yesterday to meet her adopters who live in Seoul. Miss Muffin's adopters were amazing beyond words - their preparations for getting Miss Muffin home included lining her crate with an ice pack to cool her off, a towel to protect her, hay (not alfalfa, which I learned is apparently too right for Guinea Pigs - who knew? ^^), food pellets, water bottle... I was just blown away!

Miss Muffin immediately got along with her doting adopters, and we expect she will do well with her two new female Guinea Pig friends awaiting her arrival at home. (Guinea Pigs are very social animals and do much better when they have friends <3)

I am looking forward to hearing how she's doing and will update in comments once I hear. Thank you everyone for your interest in Miss Piggy (Miss Muffin!) and I hope we all learned something new about Guinea Pigs together : ) Thanks to ARK for making this adoption possible ^^

The photos of her journey can be found here. (Please know that volunteering in any way is so very helpful to the animals and rewarding! Just a train ride to transport an animal means the world to that animal finding his/her home. If you would like to inquire about helping in this capacity, please email KAPS.Volunteering (at) gmail.com or the shelter with whom you volunteer.)***

**UPDATE June 30 - Miss Piggy is a miss! She's friendly and healthy and she has an applicant in Seoul who has 2 female pigs already. The adoption is scheduled to occur Saturday, July 7th : ) **

To be honest, I am not sure if Miss Piggy is a Miss or Mister... To be even more honest, I know cats and dogs, even ferrets, but Guinea Pigs are foreign to me! So maybe you can educate me ^^ or we can learn together : )

Here's some sites with more information that I found:

What interesting lil cuties! I learned a lot already ^^

I do know though that flying a Guinea Pigs to the US is entirely possible. Should you be from another country, we can research together to see what would be needed. If you are interested, please email KAPS.Adoption(at)gmail.com. Thank you!

Adoption Fee: ₩30,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


korydarlington's picture

Hey! What a cute pig! I'm living in Anyang right now with two guinea pigs of my own. They're both girls and are completely spoiled with a 2 story C&C cage and daily treats. If it's a girl and we could organize some way to get her here, I'm sure my pigs wouldn't mind the company. Do you know why she's in the shelter? Has she been checked out by a vet?

kmwg19's picture

Thanks korydarlington ^^ Though I don't know pigs well, I agree - I love Miss Piggy's colors! I am sure we could coordinate getting her there to you - if she is a she and a good fit! Would you be interested in fostering or adopting? : )

I can double check Miss Piggy's sex & ask why he/she was relinquished, and let you know what I find. I saw her on Saturday and she looked very healthy - bright eyed with a great coat enjoying her dinner! It is unlikely she was checked by a vet as KAPS takes all animals from any situation - healthy or not, BUT she looked very good and if you are interested and approved to foster/adopt, we can work out getting her checked if you need. I will inquire tomorrow and I look forward to finding out more for you on his/her behalf, and working together!

korydarlington's picture

That sounds great! I am kind of wary of new pigs just because I've seen the condition of some in pet stores. :( I would completely be willing to adopt her, but of course, if there are others interested, that's great too. I just want it to have a good home... with me or someone else. **If anyone else is interested, I recommend getting a friend. Guinea pigs are extremely social animals and get really lonely by themselves!

In any case, I can start on the paperwork. Should I just use the template on ARK, or is there a specific one from KAPS that you could email me? [email protected] Thanks!


kmwg19's picture

I'll email for more info today, and I'll also get you our application ^^ Thank you!

Karen's picture

kmwg19, thanks for sharing the great links on guinea pig care, I've added a couple more to the links directory.

Good luck Miss Piggy!

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Thanks Karen!

Kory, I emailed you : )

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**UPDATE July 10 - Miss Piggy/Miss Muffin is apparently not a Miss at all. Both KAPS and the adopters had a bit of trouble sexing the pig, now known as Bubba, but turns out he is indeed male. His adopters are amazing though and fell completely in love with him and will keep and care for him regardless of his gender confusion. They have took him to a vet for triple sexing check & have already had him neutered accordingly ^.^ Here are some update photos of Bubba and his sisters.** (Hover over the photos for more details in the photo captions!)

Munching on a red bell pepper togetherCookie and Pumpkin have a sectioned off portion of the cage and Bubba has his own too.The first clue Bubba was male was that he was strutting around and grunting when he was introduced to his female roommates. His adopters flipped him over and looked and re-looked. And eventually felt he must be male due to his large grease glands - wow learning a lot about Guinea Pigs together, aren't we? ^^We couldn't be happier for Bubba and his new home!
eveliens's picture

Jackpot Mr. Bubba!

Ha ha, "pigs" are probably the most difficult pet rodent to sex. If you push on their little belly buttons (below the tummy and above the navel) and it's a boy... his, um, penis should pop right out. Wow, sounds perverted, but it'll help with future sexing ^^ I spent 6 years sexing rodents >.<

kmwg19's picture

Wow, thank you!! Bubba's adopters have also graciously said they will help if we have future pigs who need sexing - just to send em a pic ^^ The erm tummy squeezing should help tho haha