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Default Brachycephalic dogs-Bulldogs-Eyes popping out

Heard an interesting tidbit on Animal channel "Ugliest dog contest." Bostons, Bulldogs, other bulging eyed dogs can have their eyes pop out of the socket and need surgical care.

"First, recognize the prominence of the eyes on these dogs. The boney eye sockets are very shallow. This means that any blow to the back of the head, even a fairly minor one, can cause an eye to pop from its socket and require surgical replacement. This can happen also with too much pulling against the leash if the pet is wearing a collar. You may wish to consider a harness for your pet."

(Someone on here talked about a pooch at Karma with a popped out eye. It doesn't necesarily mean abuse. But abandoning it because it needs special care...well....)

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Default Re: Brachycephalic dogs-Bulldogs-Eyes popping out

I adopted a Shi Tzu from this website and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made

However, my husband and I came to find out about eye popping when it happened to our dog!! My husband and Gizmo were playing, nothing to crazy, and all of a sudden, his eye dislodged. I almost cried, it was so terrible to see.

We immediatly picked him up and ran across the street to our vet (thankfully, they're less than 2 minutes away!) The vet simply pushed his eye in, gave us drops and medicine and sent us on our way. Thankfully, it was nothing serious as we fixed it before he scratched at it (he tried, but kept his paws locked down!) It can be a lot more serious, we were lucky!

Anyway, 2 months later and he's back to perfect

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