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Default Special needs dog needs you! :)

HI All,

After reading Aengdu's thread recently I have been thinking alot about this little guy.

I'm worried he will meet the same fate as many other higher-maintenance animals at Dr. Pet in the sense that he has been dumped upon them, they will care for him for some time because they love animals, but then he will become a burden and eventually he will decline in health, potentially to the point of being euthanised.

It's a pattern that has happened quite a few times, including with my own foster dog Judy, who was also abandoned by her owner at Dr. Pet. I took Judy from Dr. Pet when she was practically dead (she was to be euthanised that day). But as you can see from her thread (Gentle Judy) she is now alive, well, and was snuggled down like a bug in a rug on a soft comfy blanket when I left for work today.

I know that Aengdu will prove to be more work than the average dog, but if you can help him out it could potentially save his life. Can you help?

Thank you!

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