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Question Who should screen potential adopters?

An ARK member recently wondered about adoption applications:

Originally Posted by sharkeye View Post
about the adoption application....i think you have to send it to one of the main organiser of ARK reather than directly to me.....
Actually, no, there is no centralized person in charge of screening all applications through ARK.

Here is the long explanation:

We did try to create a "coordinator system" in the past, but as ARK membership grew and the adoptable animals section expanded, it became impossible for 3 or 4 people to monitor every single case. Also, some of the original coordinators have either left Korea or moved on to other projects.

Currently there are people who work as volunteer coordinators, not for ARK as a whole, but for individual shelters -such as KAPS in Daegu, KAPS shelter in Boeun, Jane's Grandpa's shelter in Asan, etc.

All that to say that each caretaker/ foster parent is individually responsible for screening potential adopters unless other arrangements are made. For example, when someone is fostering an animal from a shelter, it is usually that shelter's adoption coordinator who screens, or helps screen, applications. Foster parents should clarify who will screen applications when they first take home an animal.

For people who rescue strays from the street, however, there is no one specifically designated to helping them screen applications. That said, the community is very supportive and everyone loves to see a "perfect match" be made, so I suggest individual caretakers use the Fostering Forum to request help if they are unfamiliar with screening and need some advice.

Another great tool is the Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption Resources, especially the article "How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets".

Hope that helps!
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Default Re: Who should screen potential adopters?

If people need help screening, Kathy, Laura-Claire and myself are available to help you. It was my job for 2 years and then I did it voluntarily for 5 extra years, so let me know if you need help~

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