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Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
Adoption Status: Adopted

Snowy found her forever home!

Polar bear or pup? This gorgeous girl was rescued from an animal shelter along with her sister when she was just a week old. They were abandoned by their mother down in Bundang. I bottled raised them and now they're 5 weeks old and getting ready to go into their forever homes! The earliest Snowy can go is on Feb. 12th but I'm accepting adoption applications now and potential adopters can visit before then. Please send me a completed application in order to schedule a visit :) She's currently 701g and a mix of some sort. She's very plush and has sort of stubby legs. She's the more adventurous pup of the two. She's very playful and sweet and a great wrestler. She always wins her matches against her sister!

Does anyone have an idea of what sort of dog she might be? I'm thinking some sort of Pomeranian mix because of how thick her fur is.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


simplegrl74's picture

We changed this little bear's name to Oona and she is such a joy! She's looking more Pomeranian than anything and is a bouncy ball of fluff. She loves her treats, playing with the baby and chasing my ankles around the house. Spoiled little thing even sleeps curled up between the pillows with my husband and I at night! She's curled up in my lap as I write this. I'm so glad we have her in our lives!