Lt. Goose Bradshaw

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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

CONGRATULATIONS GOOSEY!!!! His trial adoption was a success and in a few months he'll be on his way to America with his new mommy!!

*Update-February 12th*
Only one more week of Goose's trial adoption. So excited for Goose's new life! Fingers crossed this last week goes well

*Update-January 22nd*
Well I am so happy and pleased to say that Goose has found a foster home! He has actually gone for a trial adoption which is awesome because I didn't want to see him go back to BAPS. Goose was doing really well with me. I was disappointed when I found out his growling and snapping at the shelter was not caused from pain or discomfort. He was just being a bit of a jerk and it continued in my care after he was shaved. But he started to get much better when he realized he was not allowed to be so grumpy for no reason! After a week, he was letting me put on clothes without any growling or snapping at all. I could wipe his eyes and feet also, all things which caused him to get angry at the beginning. He was still growling at my boyfriend, but I think he didn't know him well enough yet.
Goose also learned how to sit and he was almost completely house trained! Not 100% but he'll get there. He loves to cuddle and although he liked playing with our dogs, he LOVED just hanging out on or around my lap.

On Monday, I took Goose to our wonderful vet for his health check, neutering and scaling. He was incredibly happy to see me when I picked him up, which warmed my heart, and later that same day I took him to his new (hopefully forever) home! Goose is so sweet and was such a joy to have around that even after a week of fostering, I shed a few tears after saying goodbye!

Hopefully, Goose will quickly gain weight and grow some fur. He's already cute but when he looks more filled out, I know he is going to be incredibly handsome!

Good luck, Goosey! Behave yourself!

*Update-January 15th*
I was walking Goose on Sunday and was just overtaken with sadness at how awful he looked, covered in mud, poo, thorns and seeds. It's too cold for him to be bathed or shaved while at the shelter so I decided to bring him home and get him shaved. I'll keep him for 3 weeks to give his fur a little time to grow back. It's not ideal, as we have 2 of our own dogs plus a dog we're pet sitting, but Goose desperately needed a shave! He's currently staying in an apartment downstairs (the dog we're pet sitting's apartment) in a nice little fenced enclosure until he is a bit more house trained.
He is learning very quickly! He's already figured out he needs to go on the pee pads if he can't hold it (but he hasn't figured out that he shouldn't walk in it...:-) and he has realized that he gets to go outside every couple hours when I come downstairs to see him, so he's been able to hold it most of the time!
All he wants to do is be loved. He could sit in my lap for hours and be perfectly happy! He gives kisses ALL the time and is always so happy to see me! He loves people and wants to say hello to everyone we pass when walking!
Goose comes when called and is learning his name. He is so eager to please that he tries hard to do the right things!

Goose will make a wonderful pet. He is way too skinny right now so I am trying to fatten him up but even when he gains enough weight, he'll be small enough to fit the in-cabin restrictions on all airlines. He's about 3 years old and received his final vaccination last weekend. He is so easy to fall in love with! He's got the best face and will give you lots of hugs!

We introduced Goose to the other dogs today and he did so well! He really seemed to enjoy playing and only tried humping a couple times :-) I am trying to raise 200,000 won to sponsor his health check, which will include neutering, so if you are interested in donating, please send me a message! ([email protected])

As I said, our situation is not ideal since I can't stay with Goose all the time. If you are interested in fostering him, let me know!
I love him!


*Update-December 30th*
Poor Goose. He really loves people and being held and loved on but because of all the mats in his fur, he is so uncomfortable and in pain and that's been making him a bit aggressive when being handled sometimes. He has the sweetest eyes and is always sorry and apologetic after growling and/or snapping at someone. Right now he just can't help it because of how much he's hurting! He is in desperate need of a shave but it's way too cold in the shelter for that. He needs someone to take him home keep him happy and warm so he can get back to normal!

Bouncy, cuddly, ridiculously cute, all these words describe Lt. Goose Bradshaw! He is one of the 12 dogs of Christmas at BAPS! He just came from the pound November 29th. I hope I can convince you how CUTE he really is. There's something about his face, surrounded by scraggly and matted (yet adorable) fur, that makes me want to just squeeze him! He doesn't look like a shitzu to me at all. He could be a cocker spaniel and shitzu mix, but as with all rescues, it's almost impossible to know for sure! He's very small and even when he gains some much needed weight, he'll be well under 7 kgs. He needs a good shave because the poor thing is covered in mats. But it's too cold outside for that so he'll need to wait until he has a foster home or until spring/summer. I really have a soft spot for Goose. He is so happy and bubbly and loves to walk around or just curl up in your arms or lap and snuggle. Someone take him home, please! It's hard to get a good picture of him because of how much he bounces around, but I'll keep trying!

Medical information:
Goose isn't yet fully vaccinated but has received one round and should recieve another next Sunday.
He isn't neutered yet.
He is heartworm free!

Since he is a BAPS dog, anyone interested in fostering or adopting him will need to complete the adoption application ( and volunteer two Sundays in a row (from 11-3) at our shelter. For an adoption, one must complete a month long trial to make sure you and the dog are a good fit! You can visit the shelter page for more information!

BAPS also has a sponsorship program. Anyone interested can give 200,000 won for a dog to have their full health check, be neutered or spayed, and get any necessary dental work. If you are interested in sponsoring Goose, please let me know!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: In foster care


geegcurtin's picture

ok, my mission is to get some great photos of him on Sunday, he is so adorable!

Myles' mom's picture

Yes, I'll be bringing a camera, too so I can try to get great pics of all these guys. I LOVE Goose.

JJinSK's picture

Goose is healing from his surgery and slowly fattening up. I hope he gains weight soon, this weather is so cold!

JJinSK's picture

Goose is putting on weight and looking healthy! He is a sweet dog but gets really grumpy and nips when I try to put clothes on him (which is necessary since he is so underweight and shakes). He is a very quiet and low key dog. He loves giving kisses and tries to cuddle up. He hates his cone but he has to deal with it for another week until his stitches are taken out.

JJinSK's picture

WOW I changed Goose's clothes and he didnt bite, growl or snap! He's such a good dog and learning quickly! I had to take his cone off to change his clothes and he did a great job. He was a little startled at first when he saw his cone again after taking it off (he hates it so much!) but he didnt fight (too much) or growl. He's continuing to gain weight. He's been eating high quality food and it's been really good for him!

JJinSK's picture

Goose is a fantastic dog! I'm so happy he's in my life. On Sunday, he got his last booster shot, a rabies vaccination, and his stitched removed. He gained some weight and now looks healthy! He loves eating sweet potato every day and knows how to sit. Now that he doesn't have to wear his silly cone (and he is able to maintain his body heat more) we will take longer walks. I plan on getting Goose microchipped soon as well. His behavior has improved too! It's rare that he grows and even rarer when he barks!

Myles' mom's picture

I can't wait to change Goose's profile to "adopted" :-)

Stephan's picture

Good luck in NYC little man!