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Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: No Longer Available

December 8th: Ein has made her way to a foster home allllllll the way in Canada!!! Yay Ein! Hopefully she will be in a forever home in no time. :)

October 21st: Ein has been moved to Anydog School in Seoul. Thank you so much to the trainers there, and to all of Ein's guardian angels who worked so hard to get her there! She looks *so happy* --- I have never seen this side of her before! What a wonderful feeling!

September 29th: The situation of the shelter that Ein lives at has become very unstable and conditions there are not at their best. Ein needs a foster or forever home now more than ever. Please consider opening your home and your heart to this wonderful dog: she deserves to know what a family is as much as any other. If you would like to talk about ways you can help Ein, please email me at allisondyoung@hotmail.com.

July 3rd: Ein is slowly, SLOWLY coming out of her shell. Imagine if this sweetheart had a foster home that could give her the proper attention and socialization that she needs!~!

May 3rd: Stay strong, Ein!!! I know your big day is coming soon. Just try to be patient for a little while longer!

April 3rd: Sassy girl Ein is still waiting! I can't understand it! A dog like her would be perfect for Korean apartment living, and her unique appearance will be the talk of the town! She is very reserved, but getting better and better as the days go on. Ein would be great for someone looking for a loyal companion who won't be jumping up all over everyone she meets. Once you win this girl's heart, she is all yours.

March 2nd: Ein is waiting! Waiting, waiting, waiting! She really deserves a home of her own, and it would be wonderful to see her thrive in a home environment. I have a good feeling that soon Ein's luck will begin to change!

February 2nd: I know Ein seems shy and reserved, and that's because she is. However, a lot of dogs who start off this way often blossom into wonderful, loving companions and family members once they are given the chance and shown how to trust. Ein has no problems coming over to say hi if she has a little tasty encouragement. ;)

January 13th: This sweet little girl is still toughing out this harsh winter on the hill at Asan. Wouldn't it be great to see Ein get out of the cold and into a warm, loving, foster or forever home?

December 30th: Shy little Ein is hoping that someone will give her a chance this cold, winter season. She wants so badly to say hello to people who visit her cage, but she's just not sure how to do it. Are you the person who can teach Ein how to trust again?

December 24th: Ein has been moved to a different cage on the hill, now that her longtime penmate Jogger has been fostered. Poor Ein is all alone, cold, and lonely for the holidays. Please consider coming out to Asan Shelter and helping to socialize this sweet dog --- she could really sue your help.

December 9th: Ein is getting very cold in her snow-filled cage, waiting for someone to scoop her up and take her to their nice, warm home. Please come and visit this beautiful girl at Asan; she really needs the socialization and help learning that people aren't always scary.

Ein is a shy little gal who lives on the hill with Jogger. These two dogs couldn't be more different. While Jogger is outgoing, playful, and exuberant, Ein is shy, reserved, and lacking confidence. She is very pretty, and is curious about people, but she isn't sure she can trust anyone...Yet.

Ein has been at Asan Shelter for a long time, and like many of the other dogs there, she has been overlooked because she is so shy in a sea of friendly, outgoing dogs. I think it is time for Ein to have her day in the sun, so to speak, so I'm taking over this profile in hopes that she will catch someone's eye and her life will begin to change.

It is not impossible to help a dog like this; all she needs is someone to give her a chance, and show her that people can be trusted. I am sure, that once in a home of her own, Ein would really begin to blossom. I think of dogs like Choco and Alexis, and I know that there is someone out there who can help Ein, too.

If you are interested in meeting this shy girl, please contact me at allisondyoung@hotmail.com.

Shelter Name: Asan Shelter


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I was only able to spend a little time with Ein today (Nov. 11) and feed her some hard boiled eggs and other treats. I will spend some more time with her over the next few weeks and post more details soon!

Please consider fostering or adopting this sweet animal before the cold and windy weather really sets in.

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Check out a short clip of Ein (barking quite a bit) as all the dogs were excited for feeding time.

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It is getting cold and windy at Asan, so come out and visit the great animals there, like Ein, who are ready for a second chance.

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Shy, silly little Ein!

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Got into the pen last weekend with this beautiful (and still very cautious) girl. She did stop her fear barking long enough to take quite a few treats from my hand, but contact is still elusive. Formerly paired with Jogger, Ein is so low-slung she can be easy to overlook now that she is on her own.

However, close inspection reveals a beautiful Corgi-mix that just needs some patience and love because she is ready to punch her ticket to a new life. She has been really been waiting far too long. It is so easy to join the volunteers who trek out to the shelter each weekend and come see her in person. Check out Animal Rescue Korea on Facebook for details and directions.

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I pay a little visit to Ein every week, hoping for the breakthrough that finally came yesterday. Taking treats from my hand, Ein also let me pet her belly briefly and under her chin. There is a sweet little dog in there somewhere under all that angry posturing.

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I watched her video and she is such a cute little dog! It's amazing that she has not been adopted yet.

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Look at HOW HAPPY this little sausage is to be running around without a care in the world! I personally would LOVE to come home to this smiling face every day, wouldn't you? :)

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Yes, yes I would.

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Wow, that's great news! How is Ein enjoying the snow? Since she's in Canada now, could you update the listing to "No Longer Available"? Of course it would be great to know when she gets adopted in future, too :) Thanks! Fingers crossed for her.